Any Deposit Or Bet Pays Back Free Play At BetNow

The online sportsbook marketplace is loaded with competition, which is good for bettors. That’s because betting sites are handing out wads of free play in the form of bonuses. This is the case with BetNow, which features some of the top promotions industry-wide. In this article, we’re about to break down our favorite promos available at BetNow all of June. Keep reading to make free bucks this month:

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Earn Free Play From Every Sports Deposit

Without question, the sportsbook is the biggest draw of BetNow. It’s loaded to the brim with betting options across sports, leagues, and countries. So too are there options for bonuses, whether you’re a first-time or returning player.

We’ll begin with the trusty sign-up bonus. BetNow doesn’t have just one of these welcome promos, but four distinct ones. That’s not the norm industry-wide since most bookmakers have a catch-all promo, which isn’t ideal for certain players. Ultimately, it’s on new players to choose which is the best for them. At a glance, here’s each offer:

  • 200-percent match bonus for up to $200 reward; 20X rollover (promo code CRYPTO200)
  • 150-percent match bonus for up to $225 reward; 20X rollover (promo code BN150)
  • 100-percent match bonus for up to $1000 reward; 30X rollover (promo code BN100)
  • 50-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 10X rollover (promo code BN50)

There’s a little something for everyone with each of these promos. Crypto-savvy players will benefit from the 200-percent match, that’s the most “bang for your buck.” Anyone that wants to max out the free-play reward can go for the 100-percent match deal that reaches as much as $1000. Those that prefer a lower commitment can opt into the 50-percent deal since the rollover is a very modest 10X. It’s on bettors to know their tendencies and correctly pick which camp they belong to.

The one downside about sign-up bonuses is, well, they’re only for sign-ups. After the money is exhausted (or expires), there’s no redeeming that deal. However, BetNow offers a reload bonus for any re-ups made from then on. Here again, there are multiple deals to pick from that range from 15 to 25 percent of a match (all capped at $500 though). As our headline says, any deposit ever made into BetNow qualifies bettors for free play. Over the long haul, that’s lasting value that’s tough to beat elsewhere.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Every Bet Earns Rebate At BetNow

Not only does every deposit pay back, but every single bet made at BetNow does the same. That’s because BetNow offers a rebate program across all of its platforms — sportsbook, racebook, and casino.

Among the major online bookies, BetNow is one of the very few that offers sportsbook rebates. Seriously, it’s almost unheard of across the Internet and inside Las Vegas too. Any losses accumulated from betting sports at BetNow earns back a 2-percent refund. This is credited to a player’s account every Monday automatically. Not a bad way to start the week, eh?

The same goes for the casino and racebook rebates which are paid out at the same time. However, players earn a significantly higher rebate here at a whopping 10 percent.

Put simply, just about any action taken by bettors on-site is worth something at BetNow. You’re guaranteed free play for just depositing money and betting — just existing pretty much. That’s it! It’s something to fall back cause winning obviously isn’t easy. With these promos, bettors have a “safety net” per se.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

$25,000 MLB Contests Every Week

Let’s be honest, the summer months are quieter in the world of sports. Championships we’re just decided in the NBA, NHL, and soccer leagues across Europe. Really, the only sport happening on a regular basis for the next two months is MLB. But if you’re going to bet on baseball, you might as well do it at BetNow due to this must-know contest.

From now until the end of the regular season in late September, BetNow is giving $25,000 a week to baseball bettors. It has to be earned, of course. The contest works like this: BetNow will select 28 MLB games happening that week. It’s on bettors to pick the straight-up winner (no over/unders or run lines). Go 28-for-28 and the $25,000 pot is all yours!

Obviously, being perfect like that isn’t exactly easy. So bettors will find solace in knowing top points-getters have consolation prizes every week too. The top-5-scoring contestants of that week qualify for that.

Here’s the best part: this MLB contest is completely free to join. All BetNow users can readily join so there’s no downside whatsoever and a $25,000 upside. Not a bad tradeoff at all.

Ready to rake in free play and bet at BetNow? You might want to gloss over our unbiased BetNow review. It’ll cover everything you can expect to find at the popular site beyond just huge promotions). It’s a good read before commuting your money to the site.


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