Best BetNow Bonuses For July 2022

The month of July is almost up — but there’s still time to cash in on the days that remain. Right now, major online sportsbook BetNow is offering huge promotional bonuses to its players, whether they’re new or loyal ones. Trust us, you don’t want to leave this free money on the table either. Stick with us because we’re about to give you BetNow’s three best bonuses for July 2022:

100% up to $450 in free bets
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Can’t Go Wrong With “Classic” Bonuses At BetNow

You probably noticed the quotation marks around the word classic in the above headline. By that, we’re talking about the popular sign-up bonus and reload deal — two offers that are available at almost any bookmaker across the industry. But just because those types of deals aren’t limited to BetNow doesn’t mean they aren’t great offers. In fact, if you want to make free money quickly and without much effort, you can’t go wrong with these two deals at BetNow.

Let’s begin with the site’s welcome bonus. Players can pick between two different offers. The first is a 50-percent match up to $500 in free play. The second also tops out at $500 but comes with a 25-percent match. The latter makes up for its lower match percentage by offering a more modest 5X rollover rate — half of the 10X rollover requirement with the 50-percent match deal.

Multiple options exist in the reload bonus department at BetNow too — for those unfamiliar, this is for account re-ups made AFTER the first deposit. Players can choose to have their re-up matched by either 15, 20, or 25 percent (you can only select one per deposit). Here again, the rollover rate will differ for each. It’s only 3X for the 15 percent match, 4X for 20, and 5X for 25.

These are all great deals, right? Of course, they are. But we should note it’ll take promo codes to actually unlock them on BetNow — they are NOT automatically applied. The sign-up bonus codes are BN50 and BN25 (the numbers signify the match percentage). Meanwhile, the reload bonus codes are REUP15, REUP20, and REUP25.

We do suggest leveraging these bonuses when there are timely betting opportunities. That’s because free play earned from bonuses does expire so you don’t want that sitting in your account going unused. Instead, cash in right before a big game and use those free funds to “up the ante” on said game. The money is free so you’re minimizing your own personal risk by deploying the bonus.

100% up to $450 in free bets
Bet now

MLB Bettors Can Win $10,000 At BetNow

There’s not a whole lot of major sports going on right now besides baseball. But if you’re going to be betting on MLB, you might as well do it at BetNow. That’s because the betting site is dishing out $10,000 per week until the MLB regular season ends. And no, that $10,000 sum is no typo. It’s the real deal and it’s all part of BetNow’s “Grand Slam” contest.

Here’s how the contest works: BetNow will choose up to 28 different MLB games. Participants must pick EVERY single game correctly. Do so and the 10 grand is all yours.

Obviously, going 28-for-28 isn’t exactly easy. But we should mention games will be picked from a moneyline basis — not spread or run totals. Take solace in the fact straight-up winners are a tad more manageable to pick from, especially if you evaluate the starting pitchers well.

Though, being perfect isn’t the only way to make cash off this contest. BetNow also doles out consolation prizes for the MLB contest. The top-five highest-scoring game pickers will receive the prizes — it’s not $10,000, but the sum isn’t small either.

To our knowledge, no other bookmakers comes even close to matching this BetNow contest. It’s truly a one-of-kind deal. Once the MLB season wraps up, BetNow will roll out similar big-prizes contests around NFL picks or NCAA March Madness, so that’s another thing to look forward to down the line.

100% up to $450 in free bets
Bet now

BetNow Casino Is Great Compliment To Casino

What if you’re not an MLB betting enthusiast? Welp, there’s still something for you at BetNow right now — no need to wait until NFL’s return in September. What that is a full-fledged casino. If you’ve read our latest BetNow review, you know we’re big fans of the site’s casino section. Mainly, we love its litany of casino games — cards, live dealer, and slots, among others.

But best of all is that BetNow offers a rebate program exclusively for casino bettors. The program will give players 10 percent of their weekly losses back in free play. Think of this rebate as a “safety net” in case you go cold whilst gambling, which while no one wants to admit, is an inevitable part of wagering.

Rebates will hit players’ accounts every single Monday at 12 pm EST. It’s a perfect way to kick-start the new week and possibly win money. This promo isn’t just a July thing either, it’s year-round at BetNow. Take advantage of this rebate program while you wait for NFL to return.

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Eric has lived and breathed sports since the age of 10. This enthusiasm led him down the path of sports journalism, where he covered sports — from the high school game to the pros — for several years. Now, Eric channels his sports interest into betting. When Eric isn't dishing out expert betting advice on this site, he's at the sportsbook watching the big game with a Red Bull vodka in hand.

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