If you look at the odds to make a perfect March Madness bracket, you will quickly realize that it is nearly impossible. Nonetheless millions of us give it our best shot every year. Getting close to perfection comes with its own prizes.


College basketball betting always brings in a lot of energy. Things get even more heated during March Madness and the tournament’s final. Plus, sportsbooks offer big bucks to anyone who gets their March Madness bracket perfect. The best ones offer pools based on these brackets.




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Chances of Having a Perfect March Madness Bracket

The chances of having a perfect March Madness bracket are slim to none. And when we say slim, we mean it. The odds are almost incomprehensibly small. 


Who has a perfect March Madness bracket? No one. Literally, it has never been done. So, if you have a friend who is prone to bragging and claims that they managed to do it ten years ago, call them out. They are almost definitely exaggerating another fishing story. 


The odds of making a perfect March Madness bracket are nearly one in 100 billion. So if everyone on the planet filled out a different bracket, we would almost certainly still not have a perfect one. 


To put it another way: if you play the lottery, you really do not count on winning. The odds of winning a six number 0-49 lottery are one in 14 million. Those are steep odds indeed! However, you are still 100,000 times more likely to win that lottery than to guess at random a perfect March Madness bracket. These odds are insane. 


If you want some more sensible odds, you can always bet on the champion of the whole tournament. Skip right to the end. This is much more likely to come out correctly and can keep the excitement up longer as well! Here are the odds to win the tournament. They were last updated on November 18, 2021. 


2022 ChampionshipBetOnlineBovadaMyBookie
Florida State+1400+1400+1400
Ohio State+1600+1600+1600



March Madness Bracket Promotions at Sportsbooks

With bracket madness hitting us hard, sportsbook are getting in on the action. Some of the offer prizes for completing a perfect March Madness bracket, while others offer prizes for partially perfect brackets or for winning pools. Check it out! 

March Madness Betting Guide

A Million Bucks for the Perfect Bracket at BetUS

BetUS is a great sportsbook any time of the year. Their welcome bonus goes for either 100% or 125%–the choice is yours! Of course, it comes with different rollover and maximum payout. We love being able to choose. 


They live up to their reputation for having great promotions this March Madness. They are offering $1 million to anyone who can submit a perfect bracket. While the odds are tall, the prize is also gigantic. 


Plus, they have prizes for those of us who do not quite make a perfect bracket. If you get the elite eight and their matches correct, you get $10k. Plus, you can get another $10k if you extend that out to the sweet sixteen. 


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Bracket Pools at BetOnline

BetOnline is hosting a great March Madness pool. You can enter your bracket for only $15 and continue to alter and fine tune your selections until just before the tournament starts. 


The top prize in this pool is worth $150,000. The sportsbook will give out a prize to the top 300 March Madness brackets. 

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What is a Perfect March Madness Bracket?

A March Madness bracket has 63 games with 63 winners. A perfect March Madness bracket will get all 63 winners correct. The best time to fill this out is after Selection Sunday. On this day we find out the seeds and therefore the opening matches. This day is in the days leading up to the beginning of the tournament. 


Thirty-two of the 68 teams in the tournament are automatically selected. They are the winners of the 32 divisions in NCAA basketball. The other 36 are selected via the selection committee. 


For those of us who do not reach the perfect bracket, you can still win a pool. These normally assign a different amount of points per correct winner. The further along in the tournament, the more points it is worth. The champion is worth 32 points typically. 


Something that makes the chances of making a perfect March Madness bracket so hard is the prevalence of upsets. There will be plenty every year! But the catch is that you never know where they will fall. Check out our NCAAB picks to help know when and where to bet on the underdog.


For example, in 1986 LSU was seeded 11. And they were still able to beat a number 3, a number 2, and even a number 1 seed. Doing any one of those would already be a shocker and knock out many people’s chances at a perfect bracket. Doing all three spoiled a lot of bets that year.


When filling out your bracket, whether you are shooting for perfection or not, make sure to include a few upsets. Do so carefully!