BetNow’s Free-Play Bonuses Come At The Perfect Time

BetNow might not have the most splashy promotions — specifically in dollar value. However, it does offer a wide variety of promotions which really puts the power in the player’s hands. In this article, we’re going to give you the must-know information about cashing-in free play at BetNow right now, which is a very opportune time. Allow us to explain:

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Bankroll Your Bets At BetNow With Free Play

The next month or so is an absolute gold mine when it comes to sports betting opportunities. Almost every major sport will have an abundance of bets available — all at the same time. Of course, you have football, both college and the NFL going on. The MLB World Series is around the corner. Then there’s the NBA and NHL, which just opened their seasons. And then, the World Cup is happening in late November on a rare occasion. That’s A LOT of available bets, which will require a healthy bankroll to tackle them all.

Here’s where BetNow can help because they’re offering multiple free-play bonuses to its players. Leverage these deals and you could build your bankroll in a hurry — all on the site’s own dime. The first deal you should be aware of is BetNow’s lucrative sign-up bonuses. Yes, that’s plural because BetNow offers three different ones to pick from. Here’s the skinny on each:

  • 100-percent match up to $300; 15X rollover requirement (promo code is BN100)
  • 50-percent match up to $500; 8X rollover requirement (promo code is BN50)
  • 25-percent match up to $500; 5X rollover requirement (promo code is BN25)

Most competing sites across the online sportsbook marketplace only offer a single welcome bonus to choose from. So BetNow having three distinct deals is a welcome change. Offering variety really empowers bettors to choose the bonus that’s most ideal for what they’re looking for. For instance, if you just need as much money to bet with as possible, then one of BetNow’s $500 offers is most suitable. But if you’d rather get “bang for your buck”, then it’s hard to go wrong with the 100-percent match.

However, don’t think free play opportunities dry up as soon as the sign-up bonus is exhausted. No way, because BetNow also offers a reload bonus, and this one is unlimited in its use. This deal also has three options. Account re-ups can either be matched at 15, 20, or 25 percent up to $500. Any and all deposits can be credited with these bonuses, so that’s why we used the word “unlimited” to describe it.

Combine the sign-up and reload bonuses at BetNow, and you could have a significant portion of your sports bets over the next month or two funded by the betting site. And what’s not to like about free bets, eh?

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

BetNow Loyalty Program Is Prime For Busy Sports Month

If you’re going to be betting plenty and often over the next month, then you’re going to want more than just free play. To really make this worthwhile, you’ll want a loyalty program that doles out points for every bet made. Welp, BetNow has that, too with its full-fledged rewards system. With the BetNow loyalty program, you’re literally getting paid to play.

Here’s what we mean: every bet made inside BetNow scores the bettor points. That goes whether you’re wagering at the sportsbook, racebook, or casino, too (points will vary by platform, however). Accumulate enough rewards points and you can exchange them for cashback rewards.

BetNow’s rewards program is a huge market differentiator. It’s reminiscent of a comps program offered at big-name Las Vegas casinos and not a feature you’ll see at many competing sites. The program pays extra dividends right now with so many great bets available for betting.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

It Pays To Have Friends At BetNow

Surely, you’re not the only person you know that’s completely jazzed about the current sports calendar, right? Welp, if you have friends or family also giddy about sports, you can bring them onto BetNow and earn a hefty referral bonus from BetNow.

BetNow offers a 20-percent match up to $200 on the deposits of referrals. Therefore, say you bring your cousin onto the site. If they were to wager $300 on a USA soccer game right off the bat, then you would net $60 in free play from their bet. So not only do you have a pal to exchange betting tips with now, but you’re also making dough off their presence. Not bad, eh?

To earn the deal, your referral just has to credit you when they create a new account. During the sign-up process, there is a “how did you hear about us?” question. All your friend has to do is input your username or email so you can be credited the referral bonus.

That does it for us. But in case you’re wanting to know more about BetNow (aside from its killer promotions), we have you covered there too. You see, we wrote an in-depth BetNow review that covers the entire site — the sportsbook menu quality, the casino, customer service, and so much more. Give it a read to get a clear idea about what awaits you at BetNow besides loads of free play!

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