Win A Brand New Truck At BetUS This Football Season

Bonuses are a staple of the online sportsbook marketplace. Most of the time, you know what you’re getting — no matter what site it is. Welcome bonuses, reload deals, refer-a-friend, etc. Very rarely do we see a promotion that makes us turn our heads. Well, BetUS has managed to do that with a brand-new promotion or just rolled that involves a big truck. Keep reading for the details on this, plus other killer BetUS deals available in September.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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NFL Betting Could Get You A Big Truck

At last, NFL betting returned this month — regular season, not preseason. And there might be no better place to bet on NFL games all season long than BetUS, all because of this insane raffle that’s dishing out insane prizes like a truck. Yes, really a truck as in a 2024 Chevrolet Silverado or Ford F-150.

Here’s how to enter the raffle: just bet on NFL games at BetUS. Any bet that’s at least $100 gets you an entry into the raffle. Even more entries can be earned by other activities such as referring someone to BetUS (five entries) or enrolling in the site’s account management program (10). This contest runs until February 11 so there’s plenty of time to rack up entries.

We should say though, there will be more than one winner, which will happen by a random draw. The grand winner gets their pick at a truck with an equivalent value of $40,000. However, there will be 16 other chosen winners too. These entrants will either get a tailgate package (e.g. a BBQ grill, tent, power generator, etc.) or game tickets valued at $200.

The way we see it, this promo is practically risk-free. Chances are you were going to bet NFL regardless. Getting these raffle entries is just an added bonus. We’d just say that if betting, it makes sense to round, say, $80 or $90 bets up to $100. Yes, that’s extra money (that can add up), but this raffle is so worth doing so.

Winners will be picked February 11, 2024. BetUS says winners will be contacted privately via the site or email so no need to worry about potentially missing out on thousands of dollars for being out of the loop.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Free Money To Bet On The NFL

We understand some bettors might not like the “randomness” of the aforementioned raffle. These bettors would prefer money upfront that they can spend as they’d like on NFL betting and other sports. If you’re in that camp, then BetUS’ sign-up bonuses will be more your cup of tea.

Get this, BetUS is giving out as much as $2500 in free play for sports to first-time players. That’s the max reward, hence the phrase “as much as” in the last sentence, but boy oh boy, is that a hefty sum (even without maxing it out). How much exactly a player earns depends on the initial deposit they make into the account.

BetUS will match this deposit dollar for dollar. Therefore, to get the full $2500 amount, a player would need to put that much up. Essentially, it’s a buy-one-get-one-free type of offer. There’s also some casino bonus money that’s part of this deal. So in total, as much as $3125 in free play can be made — the casino free play is capped at $625 if you do the math.

Again, the free play can be spent however you’d like. It lasts 14 days so you could effectively bankroll your NFL betting for two playing weeks. Or, and this is just an idea, not a suggestion, you could go “all in” on a play you’re extremely confident in. We’re not here to tell you how to spend your free money, just getting your brain to spin a little with the possibilities.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Biggest Rewards Are For Crypto Players

What we’ve mentioned up to this point offer-wise is great and all, but it could be even better if betting with a cryptocurrency on BetUS. That’s right, the site accepts coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other tokens. Not only does it accept them, but the platform actually incentivizes their use with better promotional deals.

See, there’s a separate sign-up bonus for crypto. This one is a 150-percent match instead of 100 and can go for as much as $3750. That’s an entire $1250 more money just for using crypto instead of traditional cash. And remember that raffle contest? Welp, users get double raffle entries if the minimum $100 NFL bet is made using crypto (it’s only 1 entry with a non-crypto bet). These two deals alone make using crypto on BetUS completely worthwhile in our book. If not, you’re leaving free prizes on the table.

These are the main BetUS deals you should be aware of. However, the site offers more than killer promos believe it or not. To get a full glimpse into the site, read up on our latest BetUS review that’s packed to the brim with must-know information.

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