BetUS Bonuses Are Biggest In The Industry

We’d like to think we know the lay of the land in the online sportsbook marketplace. That’s why we feel confident in saying BetUS bonuses are the biggest industry-wide in terms of dollar value. Consistently, this popular betting site is throwing around thousands of dollars to its user base. If you want in on the free money, then keep reading. We’re laying out the top promos of November right here!

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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Sign-Up Bonuses Are Guaranteed Winnings

BetUS offers a lot of contests and raffles. One raffle is even giving out a brand-new truck to whoever gets chosen as the lucky winner (more on that soon). However, we don’t want to talk about those contests right now. Why? Because money isn’t guaranteed from them. Want to know what are guaranteed winnings? Sign-up bonuses. Thankfully, BetUS offers more than one of these too.

Let’s begin with the classic sign-up bonus. This deal is split between the sportsbook and casino. So any free play earned will go into each platform. This joint deal goes for as much as $5000 in free play — an insane amount you’ll be hard-pressed to find at a competitor. Being as it’s a sign-up bonus, it’s a one-time deal for new account sign-ups only.

Money deposited for this promo is split 150 percent for sports and another 50 percent for the casino. When maxed out, as much as $3750 can be earned for sports betting and the rest of the $1250 for the casino. To max out the deal, a player needs to deposit $2500 of their own money. So in essence, this is a “buy one get one free” type of deal.

Seriously, that $5000 bonus amount is something else. Previously, BetUS would cap this deal at $3000ish in free play, but its upped the ante in recent months. To cash-in this deal, enter promo code JOIN200 when depositing money. The deal doesn’t work without this code so don’t overlook this small but important detail.

If for some reason you want to bet strictly casino, then there’s a specific sign-up bonus here. Once again, it tops out at a cool $5000 in free play — but all of it going to the casino, none for the sportsbook. It’s a 250-percent match so a deposit of $2500 maxes out this promo. The bonus code here is CAS250.

There’s one fine-print detail worth noting: these deals don’t last all that long. Free play earned expires after seven days (if not used up) on both offers. So that means you should be staking heavy bets that opening week since you don’t want that free money to go to waste.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Referral Bonus Almost Too Good Go Be True

Want to know what’s even better than a potential $5000 in free play from sign-up bonuses? How about $6000 in free money for referring friends to BetUS? Believe it or not, that’s possible and it’s available at BetUS.

Alright, here’s how the promo works: you refer friends, family, or partners to BetUS. You’ll earn free funds on their first three deposits into BetUS. It’s a 100-percent match up to $2000 in free play on each deposit. Therefore, if you were to max out on all three, that’s where you get $6000 in free play. This sum of money is easily more than 10X of what most sites in the industry offer on referrals.

Mind you, whoever you referred to BetUS is eligible for the sign-up bonuses we mentioned too. So they could take home $5000 in free play, while you earn a hefty sum of your money. This is what you call a win-win deal.

This isn’t a one-time offer either. You’re eligible for the promotion on every single person you refer. So if you’re chatty and have friends with decent-sized pockets, then you have a shot at really racking up the free play off this offer.

But wait, there’s more. BetUS even has a raffle on referrals. Say you bring one person to BetUS, you get one raffle ticket. Two referred friends and it’s three tickets. Three friends and five tickets. From here, BetUS will pick random winners for prizes. In November, the main prize is an iPad. In December, it’s a drone camera. This raffle is just a cherry on top of an already sweet deal.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Free Truck Raffle For NFL Betting

We weren’t kidding earlier when we said BetUS is raffling off a truck. Only one person can win this prize so no guarantees, but we have to bring it up here.

Every NFL bet made on BetUS that’s worth at least $100 earns a raffle entry. The raffle runs until February 11 around the Super Bowl. On that day, the lucky winner will be chosen at random. That winner will have their pick at a brand-new Ford or Chevy truck that’s valued at $40,000. There will also be consolation prizes (tailgate tent, BBQ grill, etc.), but make no mistake, that new truck is the big draw.

Interested in betting at BetUS? You should be if you’ve read this far and know the free riches that await at BetUS. If so, check out our latest BetUS review. It has everything you need to know about the site before signing up.

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