Bovada’s Promos Are Rich And Straight To The Point

In case you haven’t noticed, the online sportsbook marketplace is cluttered. Real cluttered. So much so that many sites get “cute” with their offers as they attempt to one-up another in the fight for eyeballs. Bovada does not play that game — nor does it need to. Most of its offers are no-frills, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good deals. In this article, we’ll lay out the top-tier offers available at Bovada this September with football back in full swing.

50% up to $250
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Welcome Promos For All Platforms

No users can make a bigger killing from Bovada than first-time players. Realistically, there are three different deals they can redeem across three platforms. When combined, those deals can easily go for more than thousands of dollars in free play.

The first one to be aware of is the sportsbook welcome bonus. You can probably guess what this one’s about right? New sports bettors will have their first deposit matched by 50 percent up to $250. So for example, if bettors insert $300, they’ll get back $150 in free play. Admittedly, the dollar value is on the lower side compared to some competitors, but free money is free money.

Here’s the thing though: Bovada also features a casino and poker room. These two platforms fly under the radar because the Bovada sportsbook is so popular, but they shouldn’t be ignored. Both platforms are decked out, and each comes with its own free-play bonuses.

The casino offer might sound “too good to be true” on the surface, but we can assure you it’s 100 percent legit. Get this, new casino bettors stand to gain as much as $3000 in free play from Bovada. The site might’ve cheapened out on the sportsbook deal, but you can’t say the same here. It’s such a massive sum because the site will match a player’s first three casino deposits — each dollar for dollar up to $1000. Max all three out and you get the $3000 figure.

We know it’s football season, but don’t sleep on the casino. We mean, what are you going to do Tuesday through Friday when football is mostly away? Hitting the casino would be a perfect “side quest” and one that’s free when starting out thanks to this massive bonus that’s almost as high as it gets in the industry.

Poker players, you have a separate bonus. Here again, it’s a 100-percent match, but it tops out at $500. Yes, this deal “comes back down to earth” compared to the casino offer, but a dollar-for-dollar match is a bargain any way you cut it. Essentially, it’s a buy one, get one free offer.

50% up to $250
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Crypto Pays Even More At Bovada

Bovada is “all in” on cryptocurrency as a payment method. It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, stablecoins like USDT, and a few others. The site is so “all in” that it’ll pay users even more out if they use crypto to make deposits rather than traditional cash. You think the prior deals we mentioned were good? Welp, they’re peanuts compared to their crypto counterparts.

First of all, there’s the sports welcome bonus exclusive for crypto users. This one goes for a 75 percent match and $750 max award — both those numbers blow past the “regular” deal. This is an upgrade, but the casino-specific promotion is even more so.

The casino deal shoots up to $3750 in free play when maxed out — $750 better than the regular promo. Once again, it’s a match on a player’s first three deposits but at 125 percent.

Seriously, is there any reason not to use crypto on Bovada? The differences between these offers are not small in the slightest so why leave free cash on the table? Crypto is easier to use than most make it out to be so don’t use that excuse on us.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Long-Term Value Is Huge With Bovada Bonuses

The bonuses we’ve offered up to this point are great but if there’s one knock it’s that they are ALL one-time deals. Use em and lose em pretty much. Wouldn’t it be great for something longer-lasting? Yeah, it would be and that’s where Bovada’s rewards program comes into play.

This program generously awards points for every wager placed on the site, be it in sports, casino games, or poker. The more you bet, the more you’ll accumulate – that’s obvious, right? Best of all, these reward points can be easily exchanged for cashback. For bettors who are going to be betting plenty and often, it’s very possible for this cashback to outnumber any of the one-time deals. Cashback earned also has no rollover requirements so it’s yours immediately— unlike welcome bonuses which can’t be withdrawn right away.

Bovada is one of the best betting sites in the whole space, that’s evident if you read through our unbiased Bovada review. These bonuses are just the cherry on top. Give them a look if you want to swim in free money and rewards for the rest of football season and beyond.

Eric Uribe

Eric was born and raised in Nevada — the center of gambling in the United States. Throw in his natural interest in sports, and Eric was destined to be a sports bettor. This came to a head once Eric turned 21. Already a working sports journalist while in college, Eric began betting at his local sportsbook. Despite massive losses (at first), Eric continued to chip away at wagering. Eventually, he got half-decent at it. Now Eric is a trusted betting analyst. Not only is he skilled at making picks, but also breaking down the state of the industry — legalization, revenue, and innovation. You can read Eric's writings exclusively on OSB.

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