Capitalize On October Betting With Everygame Bonuses

October is THE best month of the year for sports betting. Bettors literally have everything at their disposal — NFL, college football, NBA, NHL, MLB playoffs, soccer all over the world, UFC, and so forth. Everygame knows this and that’s why they’re offering some of the best bonuses in the online sportsbook marketplace. You’re going to want to keep reading to get in on how you can make hundreds of dollars in free play at Everygame this month!

50% up to $200
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NBA Returns With Solid Offers

That’s right, the NBA is back this month. The league used to return in November so many bettors still aren’t used to seeing them in play during October, but it’s true. To celebrate the occasion, Everygame has special October deals around the league.

The first is redeemed by just depositing money. Seriously — that’s all you need to do and you’ll be on your way to $100 in free play. Everygame will match 50 percent of a deposit into its platform this month up to that $100 figure. Therefore, a simple deposit of $200 will max out this offer.

To clarify, this is not a tried-and-true sign-up bonus. Most bettors are familiar with that deal which applies to first-time users of a site. No, this is a deposit bonus, which works in the same fashion, only it applies to any and all users of the site. Moreover, it can only be redeemed once between October 23 and November 5. Just use bonus code TIPOFF500 to redeem the reward when making a deposit.

There’s another NBA-specific contest at Everygame that’s worth mentioning. It’s dubbed the $5k Hot Hoops Chase. This promo is much more lucrative, but you’ll have to earn the money as there are no guarantees like the previous offer. This is essentially a season-long contest. Participants are tasked with earning the highest total profit on NBA wagers from now until the end of the NBA campaign.

Rewards will be given to the top-20 finishers at year’s end. First wins $1000, second and third get $750, fourth and fifth net $500, and then it’s $100 for everyone thereafter. Everygame will have a running leaderboard on-site to track progress and avoid “funny business” per se. All NBA bets except teasers will count toward the contest. It doesn’t cost a thing to enter the contest so you have nothing to lose here, NBA bettors.

50% up to $200
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Earn A Free Bet For NFL Action

NBA is back this month (and so is the NHL), but let’s be real, the king of the sportsbook is still the NFL. Everygame knows that, hence why its NFL betting menu is stacked. Moneylines, in-play, over/under, props, futures — it’s all there for the taking at Everygame. But you know what else is there for the taking? A few $100 free-play awards.

The site is giving out this sum of money for bettors that gamble at least $1500 worth of NFL. However, the betting has to be done during certain intervals. There are two full intervals left — Week 10 to 13 and Week 14 to 18. Players who risk that $1500 amount during those periods will earn a $100 bonus. Do so both intervals and you win $100 a piece too.

There are a few caveats to this promo though. Bets have to be -200 or less. Anything above and they don’t qualify. Also, it makes zero difference whether the bets hit or lose. Everygame only cares about that $1500 total being met. At the same time, a single $1500 bet won’t count as the site caps wagers at $100 to qualify. So essentially you need to bet at least 15 times at $100 each during those intervals.

As solid as this promo is, there’s another NFL deal that’s going to knock your socks off this spooky season. Everygame is raffling off a trip to the Super Bowl — including two tickets to the big game, hotel accommodation, and flights. To enter the raffle, you just need to bet NFL on-site. That’s it! Every dollar gambled is worth one entry into the contest so a $50 wager nets 50 entries, for example. One random winner will be chosen come January 8, and then it’s off to Las Vegas (the Super Boel hosts) in February!

50% up to $200
Bet now

Take A Chance With Parlay Contest

This contest was too fun not to bring up here. It functions similar to the season-long NBA picks contest we mentioned before in that the winner is whoever has the highest profit total. Only this contest is monthly and applies on parlays — single parlays too, not cumulative. So players that earn the highest profit on a parlay in October have a $1000 reward with their name on it!

Jonathan won the contest in September. How we do know? Because Everygame publicized it. So not only do winners get a free grand to gamble with, they also get public bragging rights. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Everygame is pretty unique when it comes to bonuses and contests as you can probably tell by now. That uniqueness carries over into the whole platform though. To get a full glimpse at what the site has to offer, read over our newest Everygame review. It’s packed with all the must-know information beyond just its deals.


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