Can’t-Miss Free-Money Promotions Running At MyBookie Right Now

Would you like some spare money this month for betting? Spare money to seize opportunities in NFL, MLB playoffs, NBA and NHL season openers, international soccer, and so much more? If you do, then you really can’t go wrong with MyBookie. Below we’re breaking down the best offers available at the popular bookie right now:

100% up to $1,000
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Pick Between Free Play And Cash Welcome Bonus

Across the entire marketplace, no promotion is more common than the bettor-friendly sign-up bonus. From site to site, new players can get a bonus after making a deposit into their brand-new account. Most of these deals are free-play bonuses — not cash deals. MyBookie is not like most sites, however. This betting site offers welcome deals in each category, either cash or free play.

Let’s begin with free play because it’s the most eye-catching sign-up deal in terms of dollar value. MyBookie offers a dollar-for-dollar match (100 percent) up to $1000 in free play. This match effectively makes it a 2-for-1 deal. For example, deposit the max $1000 and your betting account will begin at $2000.

The downside of this free-play offer, or any for that matter, is it comes with a hefty rollover requirement. At MyBookie, that playthrough requirement is 10X. So you have to bet ten times that of your account balance (after the free play is credited) until any money can be withdrawn. So using our previous $2000 starting balance example, you’d need $20,000 in wagers before funds can be taken out.

The cash bonus available at MyBookie is completely opposite that of the free-play offer. It rewards only $200 — a whole 80 percent less than the $1000 free-play bonus. But on the contrary, there are zero rollover requirements on the cash deal. So take the good with the bad.

We recommend the cash bonus to players that want to test out MyBookie. The $200 reward is perfect for players getting a “lay of the land” so to speak and it won’t trap any money you deposit with a steep rollover rate. But if you’re a bettor that just needs a massive sum of money to tackle all the betting opportunities available this month, then you can’t go wrong with the $1000 free-play offer.

100% up to $1,000
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Never Too Late To Join Squares NFL Contest

We’re already a quarter of the way through the 2022 NFL season. It’s already too late to join MyBookie’s $350,000 Megacontest and $100,000 Survivor Pool. These are season-long contests and at this point, you’re not catching up with the users that started in Week 1. However, you’re not completely out of luck because MyBookie is offering weekly square contests on NFL games.

Unless you’re completely new to the NFL, you should know what squares contests are and how they work. If not, there’s always Google (it would take too long to explain here). But the point is, every single week at MyBookie, they offer contests on not just NFL games, but college football ones too.

But here’s where MyBookie separates itself from other popular online sportsbooks that also offer square contests: there’s more than one winner. You see, most squares games only account for the final score at the end of four quarters. But that’s not MyBookie’s way of doing it. Square winners will be picked at the end of each quarter. All four winners get a share of the final prize, which is broken up like this:

  • 1st Quarter: 20% of the prize pool
  • 2nd Quarter: 20% of the prize pool
  • 3rd Quarter: 20% of the prize pool
  • Final Score: 40% of the prize pool

We like this twist on squares, mostly because it dials up the game’s intensity. All of a sudden, every play feels like it has stakes. This situation is great for entertainment value, but maybe not for profits.

100% up to $1,000
Bet now

Refer Friends To MyBookie And Rack Up Rewards

You can’t be the only person in your family or friend group that wants to cash in on the busy sports month of October, right? Do you know someone else interested in making money off NFL, MLB playoffs, the start of the NBA and NHL? If so, then get them to join MyBookie and you can reap rewards for yourself.

MyBookie’s refer-a-friend bonus is a 200 percent match that can reach as much as $200 in free play. The bonus you earn depends on whatever you’re referred friend deposits. So say they find their account off the bat with $100, then you’d receive the max payout of $200. That’s a pretty realistic outcome, don’t you think?

Free play you earn from this offer can be spent on either the sportsbook or the casino — you must choose one, not both, unfortunately. We mentioned rollover rates before so we’ll do the same here: it’s a 20X rollover on sports betting and 40X for the casino.

The other big benefit to MyBookie’s referral bonus is that its use is unlimited. Whereas sign-up bonuses are one-and-done things, you can make money off referral deals forever. Seriously, there’s no cap on how many times the deal can be redeemed.

If you’re interested in learning more about MyBookie then we have you covered. Check out our unbiased MyBookie review for a look at other on-site features — the playing experience, the casino, deposit methods, and so much more!

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