MyBookie Bonuses Pay Big Bucks All Summer Long

Bettors that want some free betting money need to look no further than MyBookie. In the crowded online sportsbook market, this bookmaker shines when it comes to its free-play deals. Don’t believe us? Then keep reading because we’re going to lay out the top MyBookie offers for the summer months of June, July, and August. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get right into it:

50% up to $1,000
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Each Sportsbook Deposit Pays Free Play

The “crown jewel” of MyBookie is the sportsbook; which is jam-packed with betting opportunities across sports, leagues, and countries. And while it’s true that the summer sports season is slower than usual — only MLB is a consistent opportunity — MyBookie keeps the sportsbook stocked up with things to gamble on. But best of all, via MyBookie deals, these bets could be had for free.

Let us start with MyBookie’s lucrative sign-up bonus. This promotion is your standard fare in how it works: new bettors deposit money into their accounts and part of it is matched back in free play. However, the latter part is where bookies differ. But believe us when we say MyBookie has one of the better free-play matches industry-wide.

Get this, MyBookie will match a newbie’s first deposit dollar for dollar — or in other words, at 100 percent. Folks, that’s what they call “bang for your buck.” It’s a big jump up from 50 percent, which many competitors offer up. Better yet, the match goes up to $1000. That’s a hefty amount of money to spend as you wish on sports.

There’s one downside to the sign-up bonus, though. This goes for all of ‘em across the industry, not just MyBookie. The downside is they are one-time offers, meaning there’s no going back for seconds per se. However, MyBookie does offer a reload bonus to counter that.

The reload deal works almost in the same fashion as the sign-up: deposit, get a match, and bet for free. The big difference is that the match percentage shrinks down to 25. Regardless, the max bonus remains at one grand. The most value from this offer is that it can be used over and over again, unlike the welcome bonus. Every single deposit into the sportsbook after the first will be credited with this bonus. For bettors that are committed to wagering on sports, the long-term value of this easily exceeds any one-time sign-up bonus.

50% up to $1,000
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Bonuses Stretch Outside The Sportsbook

As we said, sports betting is slow-paced over the summer for anyone not into MLB. Still, that’s not an excuse not to hit MyBookie. That’s because the betting site is far more than just a sportsbook. It also features a full-fledged casino and racebook. You can bet you’ll find killer deals on each of these platforms too.

Let’s begin inside the casino, which is equally stocked as the sportsbook. At MyBookie, you’ll find an array of slot machines and table games. There’s a first-deposit bonus readily available to help you chase down all these opportunities. With this casino promo, the match percentage shoots up to 150 — even better value than the sportsbook deal. The max payout is $750. Therefore, a deposit of $500 would be enough to maximize this deal.

And then there’s the racebook, which features horse-racing bets from around the globe. There’s no upfront free-play bonus here, but there is a rebate program. Rebate is essentially another word for a refund, and every racebook bet is eligible for a refund. On any losses accumulated, bettors get an 8-percent refund. Have a bad day and lose $200? You’ll have $16 in free play sitting in your account, no questions asked.

This rebate is paid back daily. That’s right, any racebook losses will be credited back the following day. Not bad, eh? A rebate like this acts as a safety net in case a bettor goes cold, which is inevitable if we’re being honest.

50% up to $1,000
Bet now

Bring Friends To MyBookie For More Winnings

Have friends, family, or a significant other that has an itch to gamble online? If the answer is yes (or even maybe), it would be advantageous of you to introduce them to MyBookie’s suite of products. By signing up for an account, BOTH of you can enjoy free play benefits offered by MyBookie.

As the referrer, you will receive a 200-percent bonus on their first deposit into the site. The max value on this promo is $200. Meanwhile, whoever you bring on to MyBookie can take advantage of the aforementioned bonuses we covered. This is a win-win outcome for everyone involved!

Furthermore, the refer-a-friend bonus has no limitations. This means you can continue referring people to the site and earn money from each successful referral. Here again, you’re getting long-term value well beyond that $200 sum, especially for bettors with large social networks.

Before we let you go, we urge you to read our latest MyBookie review. It’s packed with other must-know information about the site beyond just promotions. That way, you know what awaits if you do indeed decide to spend the summer months betting here!

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Hailing from the US, Eric has channeled his passion for sports into a career in journalism. Building on his experience as a sports editor, he now focuses his expertise on reviewing sportsbook promos to find the best offers. With years covering sports from high school to the pros, he provides expert betting insights, especially regarding NASCAR, motorsports, and golf. When he's not giving advice, you'll find Eric at the sportsbook with a Red Bull vodka in hand, enjoying the thrill of the big game!

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