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Best MyBookie Bonuses For August 2022

Are you ready for some football? The old Monday Night Football song is also applicable to the world of online sportsbooks. That’s because every betting site is releasing its best NFL promotions in anticipation for the regular season opening in early September. MyBookie is one of those books and boy, this site is really “pulling out all the stops.” We’ve hand-picked the best promos available at MyBookie right now and given them to you on a silver platter:

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NFL Contests Are Rich At MyBookie

There’s not just one NFL contest available at MyBookie this season. There’s not two either. No, the magic number is three and each is completely different from one another. Allow us to explain:


Without question, the most lucrative deal at MyBookie — and across most of the industry for that matter — is its NFL SuperContest. There’s a $350,000 on the line here, a sum of money that’s largely unrivaled elsewhere.

Here’s how SuperContest works: every single week, players must pick five games against the spread. Win and you get a point. Push and a half-point will be rewarded. This goes all the way through Week 18. The players that finish in the top-500 in points will split the $350,000 prize pool. First place gets $125,000, second bets $22,500, and the value keeps lowering the rest of the way.

Entry fee to enter the cost is only $20. Moreover, players are capped at 10 entries per account. But register from now until August 31 and MyBookie will give you one free entry after buying two.

There’s also smaller $10,000 SuperContests. Rather than being season-long contests, these are four-week periods. There will be four different contests and each will be in a winner-take-all format ($10,000 prize each time out).

Survivor Pools

Survivor contests are essential at any top NFL betting site worth its salt. You likely already know the rules here: pick one team to win straight up each week of the season. Do so and you survive. Don’t and you’re eliminated for good (no second chances). But the difficulty lies in only being allowed to pick the same team once. That means if you pick the Packers to survive Week 1, they’re not available for you the rest of the way.

MyBookie is offering three different survivor pools, each with different prizes — 1 Bitcoin, $100,000, and a $50,000 VIP. The latter is invite only and as the name suggests, exclusive to VIPs (those who bet regularly on MyBookie). The 1 BTC deal is intriguing. At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at around $20,000, but the coins all-time high mark is closer to $70,000. Depending on your opinion on Bitcoin, that prize could either be life-changing or a complete nothing-burger. This is not investment advice, but we fall into the former category.

Registration for all survivor contests must be completed before the end of Week 1 (September 12). There’s a flat $10 to submit an entry on both the Bitcoin and $100,000 pools. Users are allowed to submit up to 10 entries.

Contests can end before Week 18 too. Say there’s a lone survivor coming out of Week 15, then that person becomes the automatic winner. In the event that multiple survivors last til the bitter end, the prize money will be shared among them.


MyBookie is also heavy on square games. This contests randomly assigns you a “square” on a 100-piece board — with a number that represents each team playing (e.g. Falcons 4 and Saints 7). All 100 pieces have unique number combos. If the score of the game matches your numbers (e.g. Falcons 24, Saints 17), then you win the contest. Numbers must match the second number on the team’s scoring total.

This is not just an NFL contest, however. MyBookie also offers squares on college football. Square options will be available for several different games each week so you can pick and choose when to enter contests.

What makes MyBookie’s offering unique is that it pays out winners every single quarter. Typically, square games ONLY apply to the final score, but that’s not how MyBookie does it. The site will split its prize money per quarter like this:

  • 1st Quarter: 20% of the prize pool
  • 2nd Quarter: 20%
  • 3rd Quarter: 20%
  • Final Score: 40% of remaining pool

We actually like this approach more since it keeps you glued to a football matchup more closely. It really ends up feeling like every play — whether it’s on the first drive or the go-ahead drive — is swinging your betting chances. That intensity makes online gambling more engaging that it already is.

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Welcome Bonus Is Great For Upfront Money

Alright, last thing before we let you go, yes, MyBookie offers a lucrative sign-up bonus that you’d come to expect. Obviously, the chances of winning one of the aforementioned NFL contests are slim (but lucrative) so if you just want free money to spend on the sportsbook as you’d like, then the welcome bonus is your go-to option.

MyBookie will match a new player’s first deposit dollar-for-dollar up to $1000. Now just imagine how you could spend a cool grand as you wish on NFL bets or another sport of your choosing? If you’ve read our updated MyBookie review, you know the sportsbook is loaded with every sport you can think of. That’s what makes receiving up to $1000 off the bat so tantalizing.

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