XBet Bonuses Mean Big Money In June

The online sportsbook marketplace is fierce in competition. So fierce that bookmakers are constantly trying to one-up each other with its promotions, which are what hook users to the platform. Welp, XBet is one of the sites doing the most one-upping. The site is loaded with big-money promotions and that’s on full display this month. Here are the best XBet deals of June you should be most aware of:

100% up to $500
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Every Sports Deposit Means Free Play At XBet

The sportsbook is the calling card of XBet. Featuring a plethora of sports bets across sports, leagues, and countries, it’s rich in betting opportunities every single day. To help you chase all these opportunities, XBet is handing out free play to bettors on every deposit they make. Sound too good to be true? Nope, you better believe it!

The first deal to hit on is XBet’s classic sign-up bonus. If you’ve used one online bookmaker before, you know how these deals go: only first-time players are eligible for it. To redeem, these newbie players need to deposit money into the sportsbook, and part of that is matched back on free play. The same applies here at XBet.

The nitty-gritty details of the deal are it’s a 50-percent match and a max reward of $500. So in order to max out this offer, an initial deposit of $1000 is needed. Moreover, the promo code XBET50 is needed to qualify. This code can be entered while making the first deposit.

You might be wondering, so what’s “the catch”? We wouldn’t call this a catch per se, but there is some fine print to be aware of, namely the rollover requirement. This is the minimum amount a bettor must bet before they can withdraw money from their account. With the sign-up offer, XBet is adding a 7X rollover. So a bettor must bet their starting account (with the bonus included) seven times over before withdrawals open. Some bettors might call the rollover a downside, but this type of rule is the norm industry-wide. In fact, a 7X rollover is on the low side compared to competitors.

As you might’ve guessed, there are no do-overs with the sign-up bonus. But there is another deal bettors should be aware of after they’ve exhausted the sign-up bonus, and that’s the reload deal. This offer is pretty much the same thing but applies to any re-ups made post-initial deposit. It goes for 25-percent match up to $250. Yes, that’s lower than the sign-up promotion but unlike that one, the reload bonus can be used over and over again. That lasting value is what truly makes this reload promo such a long-term bargain.

100% up to $500
Bet now

Casino Bonuses Pay Most At XBet

XBet’s sportsbook hogs up most of the attention, but we shouldn’t forget the casino platform too. It features hundreds of gaming options, mainly slot machines but also table games like poker and blackjack. But here’s what we love most about XBet’s casino — the big-money bonuses, which easily top what’s offered in the sportsbook.

Let’s begin with the first-deposit bonus. Whatever sum you put into the casino for the first time is matched by Xbet at 200 percent. Remember, the sports one was a 50-percent match so you’re getting 4X the value in the casino off this alone. Though, the max payout is still capped at $500. The negative here, though, is the rollover rate skyrockets to 40X. A big number, yes, but that’s also the norm with casino offers compared to sportsbook ones.

Let’s move to the reload bonus, which also exists for casino play. This offer goes for 50 percent and a max reward of $500 — that’s double the value of the sportsbook reload promo. Over the long haul, a promo like this could net bettors thousands since it can be leveraged every single time.

Speaking of thousands, you can get that if you wait to re-up your casino account on the weekend. You see, there’s a separate casino reload bonus and it applies strictly from Friday to Sunday. This one shoots up to a dollar-for-dollar match (100%) for $1000. This one too is double the value of the non-weekend bonus. Given the staggering differences between the two, you almost have to just wait until the weekend to reload your account or risk leaving serious value on the table.

100% up to $500
Bet now

Every Friend Referred To XBet Nets Up To $100

Do you have friends or family interested in betting sports and casino games online? If yes, it would behoove you to tell them about XBet. You’ll earn a referral bonus from their sign-up. Once that referral deposits their own money, you would get a 100-percent match up to $100. This deal can be used over and over with different friends too.

The XBet refer-a-friend bonus is a win-win. Not only are you getting up to $100, but the referral is able to leverage any of the sign-up bonuses we mentioned before. It’s a double-whammy of free money for all involved!

Want to know more about XBet’s full offering? Then turn your attention to our unbiased XBet review. It covers everything the site has to offer beyond just huge amounts of free play.

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