Masks are now required for visitors at Las Vegas casinos

Unfortunately for citizens across the globe, the Coronavirus is picking up in cases once again after things appeared to be getting better. The new Delta variant is really picking up the pace, meaning some restrictions are coming back. Over in Nevada, masks are now required for visitors at Las Vegas casinos for the time being. This was something that we didn’t expect, but that’s now the case.

This was announced recently when governor Steve Sisolak signed his emergency directive implementing the new mask mandate, which requires them to be worn indoors at places where there could be a high spread of the virus. Basically, this means that places of high traffic must have their visitors wear masks due to potential transmissions.

“We fully support the State of Nevada adopting the CDC’s recommendation to help minimize the spread of the virus to enable our local community and visitors to enjoy all of the offerings that make Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world,” Lori Nelson-Kraft of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said via the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Previously, Las Vegas had required employees of casinos to wear masks indoors, but it was considered optional for visitors. However, due to the cases rising not only throughout the country, but in Las Vegas betting as well, a change needed to be made. That’s why if you want to go out and get some gambling done in person, you’ve got to mask up.

The cases of COVID are increasing in Nevada at an alarming rate

According to local reports, the cases of COVID are increasing in Nevada at an alarming rate, as there has been a concerning pace of 800 new daily cases over the past 14 days. With that occurring, the governor really had no choice to try and implement something to help bring things down. This is why masks are back in full effect.

To make matters worse, Nevada has also surpassed 6,000 COVID deaths since this whole pandemic started. The governor has also reached out to the different communities across the state and is pleading with folks to get vaccinated. While we have seen an increase in Americans getting doses, there’s also plenty of folks who haven’t done so. The governor wants that to change.

“I want to encourage all Nevadans who have not yet done so to please consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible,” the governor said in a recent press conference in hopes of people changing their minds. “The vaccines are free, safe, and incredibly effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death.”

As you can see from the tweet above, Sisolak is beyond alarmed with the high rates across the state. For there to be 6,000 deaths is something that no one was expecting when this pandemic got underway. Now, Sisolak wants to make sure everyone is doing their part to try and slow things down. The best way to do that, he said, would be to get vaccinated and also wear masks when out in big public gatherings.

How many people from Nevada have been vaccinated?

Folks are always checking to see how many people from Nevada have been vaccinated? According to data, 48 percent of the eligible citizens from Nevada have received both doses and are fully vaccinated. On top of that, 58 percent of the eligible citizens have received at least one dose. That’s good news, but at the same time, it’s simply not enough.

Sisolak is pushing for that number to grow in the coming weeks and months. However, there still somehow appears to be plenty of debate on folks as to whether or not they should get vaccinated. A high number of people are refusing to get the vaccine, which is putting the rest of the country at risk. The less people that are vaccinated, the higher the chances are of more people dying.

With more than 6,000 people alone in Nevada dying from COVID-19, this number is only going to grow if people don’t get doses of the vaccine. There’s a reason Sisolak has been so emotional and passionate in encouraging folks to sign up for appointments, which are easily accessible across the entire state for people.

When Nevada opened the state back up on June 1 to 100 percent normality, there were high hopes that things would be able to stay on track. Just recently, though, the state had to reverse course due to the high cases. Everyone will be watching this situation closely to see if people can help things lower with masks and by getting vaccinated.

The mask mandate hasn’t had a negative impact on Vegas casinos

While there may be some people who are against the new policies, the mask mandate hasn’t had a negative impact on Vegas casinos. People continue to visit Vegas casinos at a high rate and that figures to continue throughout the summer. In August and September, Las Vegas is known for receiving so many people to gamble.

When will this mask mandate end? Things will stay the same in Las Vegas for at least the next two weeks. After that, officials will take a look at how the rates are and decide to proceed from there. We could see the mask mandate go away completely, or things could end up getting extended too. Stay tuned for new updates coming soon.

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