Maryland Sports Betting Made History During October

What a year it has been for Maryland sports betting news. Just when you thought things had reached a new high for the state, we’ve seen some incredible numbers being posted this fall. Such was the case last month, as Maryland has taken full advantage of the return of both the NFL and college football. So, just how great have things been? According to a report, Maryland sports betting made history during October.

For October, Maryland had a handle of more than $483 million, with the total contributions for the state reaching $5.8 million, which is a new high. This is of course a fantastic update for Maryland, as that money that has been contributed via the contributions can be used for the various different resources across the board. This is the kind of update that lawmakers and officials must be smiling about.

Throughout 2023, the numbers for Maryland have been quite impressive. The fact that nearly $500 million was reached for October is tremendous. Again, though, it isn’t much of a surprise since football is back. It goes without saying, but people all over Maryland are going to be quite interested in Big Ten football for the University of Maryland, plus the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Commanders in the NFL.

While October’s betting handle and contributions were through the roof, there’s plenty of optimism that things can keep on growing in the coming months too. It’s hard to believe that January and 2024 are right around the corner, but the hope for the local governments is that Maryland will be able to close out the year strong. There’s no doubt in our minds that the state will be able to do just that.

Ravens and Commanders betting has been spectacular for Maryland

To no one’s surprise, Ravens and Commanders betting has been spectacular for Maryland since September arrived. The booming numbers in October are thanks in large part to the NFL schedule being featured. With the Commanders, they’ve been pretty inconsistent this year, but the NFC East side has posted some impressive victories too. Head coach Ron Rivera has high hopes for the rest of the season.

This weekend, people will surely be checking the NFL betting odds for the Commanders meeting with the New York Giants. The Giants are expected to start rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito this weekend. In Week 10, DeVito tossed for two interceptions in the 49-17 loss to the Cowboys. With Saquon Barkley dealing with an ankle injury, he could potentially miss Sunday’s game too. If that happens, it could be a huge day for the Washington defense.

As for the Ravens, Lamar Jackson, Gus Edwards, Mark Andrews and Co. are coming off a tough loss to the Cleveland Browns. On Thursday night, the Ravens will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals in what will prove to be a huge AFC North showdown. The Ravens still hold strong Super Bowl betting odds, but a win over the Bengals will surely help their chances of winning the division. Will they get the job done?

This will be a close contest, but we’re expecting a huge amount of bets regardless of the outcome. As we inch closer to the postseason too, you can fully expect plenty of wagers to come in for both of these teams. The Ravens and Jackson have what it takes to push for a Super Bowl title, but it will depend if the defense will be able to answer the call or not. They’ve certainly got to step their game up the rest of the way.

Mobile betting made up the majority of Maryland’s handle for October

When looking back at the breakdown of how things went, it’s fantastic to see that mobile betting made up the majority of Maryland’s betting handle for October. The data released shows that of the $483 million handle, a total of $463.5 million came from online wagers. That’s a massive chunk of the total. If anything, it shows states across the USA how important it is to have more options than just in-person sportsbooks.

There are still several states that only have in-person options, though they’re trying to get the laws changed in the near future. For states like Florida, California and Texas, which are yet to legalize sports betting, they’re trying to get online betting launched from the start for their push. All three of those states are expected to have sports betting legalized sooner than later, which will be massive. Florida is set to get things going again next month, but online options are totally up in the air at this point.

With Maryland’s online growth, we can fully expect November and December’s mobile reach to be spectacular too. As you can see, everything that could be going right for Maryland in terms of sports betting has been going right. From the moment everything went through, the in-person and online sports betting expectations were high, but no one expected almost $500 million to be reached in a single month, with record-breaking contributions to match. This is incredible for Maryland.

Peter Lewis

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