Boxing Odds: Mayweather vs Cotto Predictions

First things first; when Floyd Mayweather meets with Migue Cotto this Saturday in Vegas don’t expect a brutal punching scenario; with that said, the fight should be a really easy one to bet on and a great opportunity to make money betting on boxing.

The boxing odds have Maywether -700 in the money line and Cotto +500. The over and under in rounds is set at 9.5.

As you may know, Mayweather’s all defensive skills are the reason he’s a tremendous boxer and is what makes him so unique. It’s really hard to connect a clean shot at him, especially because he is fast, moves around with a perfect motion and counterattack his opponent with quick but painful strikes.

Boxing Odds: Mayweather vs Cotto PredictionsI don’t think there is a better fighter in the world at simply taking what he’s given, but because Cotto needs to knock Floyd down; Maywayther may have a chance open for a knockout, as well.

Cotto is a really strong fighter with a tremendous strike, however, as mentioned above; Mayweather won’t give you the opportunity; you as opponent have to create it. If the fight goes to a decision, is likely that Cotto will lose.

Keep in mind that six of Cotto’s last seven fights have ended in a TKO, including the only two losses of his career; however, the one against Antonio Margarito was proven that Margaro cheated with his gloves.

The pace of the fight will give Cotto the chance to attack Mayweather often, but Floyd usually doesn’t give their opponents clean hits, and this one won’t be different. Expect Mayweather to counter attack and to win this fight on a decision or in the late rounds.

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