Side Props and Parlays for McGregor/Mayweather

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match (August 26th) isn’t really about boxing: it’s all about entertainment and the money that can be made from it. Over the past couple days, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have released their inner children, hurling insults and petty comments towards each other during their world tour press conferences. McGregor even had the words “f*#% you” printed in the pinstripes of his suit.

It’s led to some pretty entertaining television, and many are wondering if this will be more entertaining than the main event, itself.

One of the more controversial statements from the press conferences came from massive underdog McGregor, who promised to knockout Mayweather by the 4th round. While that probably won’t happen, it got me thinking about the possible outcomes for this event and all the related festivities. Join me on my own world tour of sorts as I set the odds on all things MayMc, including some tantalizing parlays!


Odds McGregor performs an illegal strike/maneuver during the fight: 3/2

McGregor knows if this fight were held in the octagon, he’d be the huge favorite. Problem is, it won’t be.

While it’s the outcome many are expecting, McGregor suffering a defeat would be a huge blow to the Irishman. He’s invested a lot into this and has talked a big game. If Mayweather dominates from the opening bell, you could see a frustrated McGregor throw a front kick. Disqualification is probably a better outcome than a loss to Conor.

Odds McGregor makes another racist comment: 7/3

Odds Mayweather disrespects the Irish flag again: 9/11

At the press stop in New York, McGregor told Mayweather to “Dance for me, boy“. In the 24 hours since, McGregor has been fighting back against allegations of racism.

In Toronto, Mayweather took McGregor’s Irish flag and draped it around his shoulders. It’s clear both are trying to rile the other one up, and the WWE-nature of the build-up will probably lead to more of the same. Let’s hope that the racism ebbs at least.

Odds on first New York Yankee to work a swear-word into his pinstripes

As you read above, the pinstripes in McGregor’s suit read a not-so-nice word. The fact that he pointed it out shows he’s planning on making money off it, and who knows, he may start a suit and apparel line. There is no doubt fans of his will rush out to don the “subtle” message, and you know who else wears pinstripes? The NY Yankees! With the MLB as strict as they are when it comes to uniforms (they don’t even let players play without a belt!) this would never be officially sanctioned. But could a Yankee go rogue?! Here are the three that would be the most likely.

  • Clint Frazier: 4/1

Frazier is enjoying some rookie success but is known to be a bit on the cocky side. He also loves to be in the spotlight, using his long red locks to get attention. That ended after Girardi suggested he shave it off. Maybe Frazier will be searching for something new to grab him the attention he craves.

  • Didi Gregorius: 21/4

He wasn’t named to the All-Star team even though he had the numbers to justify it. Enough said.

  • Chase Headley: 22/3

Headley is rumored to be the jerk of the clubhouse, and it even shows in his play at times. He is nearing the end of his career and if he wants an eff-you moment, maybe it’ll come a few weeks prior to his last game when he’s facing an opponent he really hates.

Odds Mayweather bets on himself to win the fight: 1/20

He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again. Mayweather’s nickname is “Money”, and he’s passionate about making as much of it as he can. The only reason he won’t bet on himself is because his odds are so short; the payout might not be worth the trouble.

Perhaps we can be of service! Below are some tantalizing daily doubles and parlays for the fight. Tweet at your local sportsbook and tell them to start taking action on them!


Odds McGregor wins and Mayweather re-retires: 25/1

McGregor has a slim chance to win — roughly 10-percent, by my estimation. Would Mayweather, who’s technically coming out of retirement for this fight, really let the first loss of his career be his last professional fight? Mayweather is too proud to let someone like McGregor end his career. The odds are better that a Mayweather loss would be followed by an immediate rematch.


Odds Mayweather wins and Trump gets impeached: 13/2

“What the hell do those have to do with each other?” you’re asking. Nothing! Except that they’re both dominating the news. If you don’t like that justification, you might want to stop reading now.

Odds McGregor gets knocked out and Trump gets re-elected: 4/1

The former would have fans of the Irishman in tears. The latter would do the same to fans of America.

Odds McGregor wins and the Cubs repeat as World Series champs: 140/1

The Cubs had a terrible start to the season and are well back of a playoff spot right now. But they’re making moves to improve their pitching staff and will be all-in on getting back to the postseason. Still, the way the Astros, Dodgers, and Nationals look, the Cubbies aren’t a good bet to repeat.

Odds Mayweather wins and Lonzo Ball drops a triple-double in his first regular-season game: 12/1

Ball has already dropped two triple-doubles in NBA summer league … but it’s exactly that: NBA summer league. He has the skill but will find it tough to fill the stat sheet in the same way once he’s up against actual NBA players … unless they draw the Knicks in their opener that is.

Odds McGregor wins by knockout and Justin Verlander gets traded: 49/1

McGregor made the promise to knock Mayweather out by the fourth round. The odds of that are long, but not much longer than McGregor winning period. There’s basically no chance he wins a decision, after all. The chances of Verlander getting dealt are similarly long. He’s on the block, reportedly, but finding a team willing to both part with the necessary assets and take on his bloated contract will be hard. Still, both of these could happen, making it a very tantalizing parlay with a big payout!

Solly Lawrenson

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