Blazers Try to Steal a Victory from LA Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers managed to honor Jerry Buss passing away as they smashed the Celtics on Wednesday, now they look to do the same against the Blazers, Friday night at 10:30 PM ET at Staples Center.

Blazers Try to Steal a Victory from LA LakersThe Lakers 113-99 beating over Boston was more of a revelation than anything.  Dwight Howard led the team in scoring with 24 points and 12 rebounds. “I was thinking about it all day, getting this win for Dr. Buss,” said Howard. “We came out with a lot of energy, a lot of intensity. We have to keep working every day in practice to get better and hopefully this season can happen for us.”

The most valuable thing about LA was that they finally got a terrific game from center D-Howard; it was expected a long time ago and he finally delivered.

“We got to continue to carry on what he built,” Kobe Bryant said about Dr. Buss.

The Blazers has lost six in a row and are a mess right now; they are the ideal rival for the Lakers at the moment. “We’re well aware (the season) can get out of hand,” center J.J. Hickson said. “We know that every game is important from here on out. We’re trying to make this push to make the playoffs.”

Blazers and Lakers have met twice this season with one win for each side, but the last game they played Los Angeles smashed Portland by 17 points.

The Lakers will be around 10 point home favorites.

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