NBA Finals Spurs at Heat Game 2

The San Antonio Spurs took a great punch in the first game of the 2013 NBA Finals, and now they will try to give another one this Sunday, in game two at 8 PM ET at the American Airlines Arena.

Tony Parkers vs Miami Heatt Game 1San Antonio beat the Heat 94-88 and stole home court advantage with a superb Tony Parker in the fourth quarter of game 1; he scored 10 of his 21 points during that stretch.

“We got a little bit lucky in Game 1,” Parker said. “Sometimes that’s what it takes to win games.”

Old tea you say; I would say experienced. “It doesn’t matter how we’re categorized — old, veterans, whatever you call us, we’re in the mix,” the 37-year-old Duncan said.

The Heat started 0-1 in the series against the Bulls and they ended up winning it, but also last season they lost game one in the finals, and they came back to win it, the problem this time is that the Spurs have won game 1 every time they are 4-0 in the Finals.

“The Spurs are the Spurs,” Lebron James said. “They’re going to put you in positions where you feel uncomfortable offensively and defensively, and every time you make a mistake, they’re going to capitalize on it.”

“I thought we were a little fatigued honestly in the fourth quarter,” D- Wade said. “Looking around, we looked like a team that came off a seven-game series.”

The Heat is 6 points favorite to win game two and the game total is set at 188 points.


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