USA Favorites to Win the Men’s basketball Gold Medal

The USA basketball men’s team is the solid favorite to leave London 2012 with the gold medal, but after seeing what Argentina brought and knowing that Spain is also a substantial threat, the bet doesn’t look that easy to make.

USA Favorites to Win the Men’s basketball Gold Medal“I love it. You hate to breeze through exhibition games, and then you get into London, and then you start getting competitive,” U.S. forward LeBron James said. “So we have a very good team. It doesn’t matter about how many points you win by, you just want to play well and get better that night, and I feel like we got better tonight.”

“It’s tough. Argentina’s a very good team, very tough-minded,” Kobe Bryant said. “They continue to play hard, and for us it was a big challenge to try to put the game away, we could just never do it.”

The USA Team has one big, Tyson Chandler, but he is a defensive guy, who doesn’t deliver much offensively, and that could means trouble against Argentina and Spain.

Argentina has Luis Scola, who plays in the NBA and is unstoppable most of the possession, but Manu Ginobili is as smart as any of the other USA team members; perhaps the depth of the bench will be the issue.

Spains, on the other side, has the Gasol Brother and Sergi Ibaka inside the pain; that could be a real chaos for Mike Krzyzewski’s team eventually.

Odd To Win Gold Medal- Moneyline

1001                  USA                      -900

1002                  Spain                      +500

1003                  France                      +1500

1004                  Brazil                      +2000

1005                  Argentina                      +2000

1006                  Australia                      +10000

1007                  Great Britain                      +15000

1008                  China                      +35000

1009                  Tunisia                      +200000

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