For NHL bettors interested in Tampa Bay Lightning betting, My Top Sportsbooks has you covered with our series of guides to betting on one of the NHL’s recent dynasties. Here, we will discuss different types of Bolts bets, provide an overview of Tampa Bay Lightning odds, and get you connected with the top NHL betting sites. Be sure to check out our guides for other NHL teams as well.



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Lightning Odds to Win the Stanley Cup

Let’s get it started by looking at the Lightning’s odds to win the Stanley Cup! Tampa Bay won back-to-back Stanley Cups in 2020 and 2021, steamrolling through opponents with a high-octane offense, a physically imposing defense, and oftentimes otherworldly goaltending.

The Lightning have a roster with four lines who are a constant threat to score and a defense group that is solid at both ends of the ice. Barring injuries, they should consistently be one of the Stanley Cup favorites.

NHL Stanley Cup Winners Odds 2022BovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Colorado Avalanche+700+700+700
Tampa Bay Lightning+700+700+750
Florida Panthers+700+700+700
Vegas Golden Knights+800+850+800
Toronto Maple Leafs+800+800+800
Carolina Hurricanes+1300+1200+1300
Edmonton Oilers+1500+1500+1500
Washington Capitals+1500+1500+1600
Boston Bruins+1600+1800+1800
Minnesota Wild+1700+1800+1800

tampa bay lightning betting odds

Tampa Bay Lightning Betting Odds

The Tampa Bay Lightning competes in the NHL’s Atlantic Division, along with their in-state rivals, the Florida Panthers, the Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, and Toronto Maple Leafs. The Lightning has finished in the top 10 of the regular season standings every year since 2017. In the 2021 season, they were the betting favorite nearly every night.

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How to Read Lightning Betting Lines

Reading Lightning betting odds is even easier than you think. Luckily, they work the same for betting on the Lightning to win the Stanley Cup, as they do when making your weekly bets. Just one system across all the games.

When you look at Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup odds, you will see a number next to the line that reads, for example, “Tampa Bay Lightning + 300.” In that example, a $100 bet on the Lightning would win $300 if Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup, resulting in a $400 total payout. The higher the number after the “+” sign is, the less likely it is that the Isles will win the Cup.

You don’t have to bet exactly $100, but the payout on a winning bet will be scaled proportionally to the $100 bet. In the previous example, betting $50 would result in a $150 win and a $200 payout.

If the Lightning are having a particularly good season and Tampa Bay becomes the favorite to win the Stanley Cup, the symbol next to the betting number may switch from “+” to “-.” For example, the future betting odds may read “Tampa Bay Lightning -250.” In that case, a bettor would need to wager at least $250 to win $100 on their payout.

tampa bay lightning odds

The higher the number is, the more money is involved. Therefore, you must remember to pay attention to the signs. A “+” sign means there is potential for a bigger win, and the “-” sign means bettors must invest more money upfront if you want to score a nice payday.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are the bets that do not deal with the end of the game necessarily, and their odds work like they do for other betting types.

As an example, a line might read “Nikita Kucherov to Score (anytime): +225.” Should Kucherov score a goal at any point throughout the game (other than in the shootout), a $100 bet would win $250 and payout $350.

It is incredibly rare to see a player with a “-” symbol in front of their odds to score unless it is some sort of special event (such as the All-Star Game), but if you do see this symbol in front of a player prop bet, you should probably avoid it, as there isn’t nearly the same potential to win big.


In moneyline betting, it works the same way. Any team with a negative in front f their name means that they are the favorite. While that bet is more likely to win, it also means you will not win big. It is a safer bet, and safer bets means less profit in sports betting.

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Puck Line Betting

One more advanced type of Tampa Bay Lightning betting is on the puck line. Betting on the puck line is similar to betting against the spread in football, wherein you are predicting the margin of victory. While puck line betting, you will see “-1.5” next to the favorite and “+1.5” next to the underdog. Because betting on the underdog includes spotting them 1.5 goals (the .5 acts as a tiebreaker), the odds there usually have a lower payout.

A sample betting line might read: “Tampa Bay Lightning -1.5 goals: +230.” For a win here, the Lightning would need to win by at least two goals in order to earn a payout. Betting the puck line is often a good way to make a bet on the favorite when the odds aren’t good enough on the moneyline.