AMC, Gamestop on the upswing while Brewdog IPO faces delays

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One such market to examine is the price of AMC by July 1st. This is an exciting market because AMC, the American movie theater chain, has been in the news recently due to its stock price volatility.

Betting on its future price can be a unique and potentially profitable opportunity.

AMC Share Price July 1st

Oddsmakers have set a total of $4.50 for the price of a share of AMC stock by July 1st. Both sides have similar odds, with Over $4.50 priced at -120 while Under $4.50 is at -110.

AMC July 1st priceBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $4.50-120-120-120
Under $4.50-110-110-110

In the past week, AMC has seen a slight downturn, declining .15 cents or a little over 3%; however, in the past month, we’ve seen the opposite. AMC has increased 3% or .16 cents in the past month.

This stock has puzzled most financial insiders while novices have flocked to it. The movie theater chain should perform well during the summer blockbuster season.

This is a difficult stock to figure out. To be safe, I lean toward betting Over $4.50 for -120 odds.

Over $4.50AMC Share Price on July 1st
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Gamestop Share Price July 1st

The following stock we will discuss is GameStop.

Gamestop July 1st PriceBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $26.5+135+135+135
Under $26.5-175-175-175

Oddsmakers have set a price on GameStop at $26.50 by July 1st. Oddsmakers have little faith in the stockThey are offering -175 odds on it to be below the $26.50 share price. GameStop is currently trading at just over $25.50.

It has decreased by about $1 in the past week. However, it has also increased by 15% in the past month. If you believe the stock will exceed that total, you can wager on the +135 odds for the Over $26.50 choice.

That option is the best one value-wise. The price seems like a good midpoint for the share to land on, but the odds indicate an inevitable decline, which I’m afraid I have to disagree with.

I’ll take Over $26.50 for GameStop by July 1st at +135 odds.

Over $26.50GameStop Share Price on July 1st
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Brewdog IPO where to list

The final prop we will look at is which stock exchange Brewdog IPO will launch on. 

Where to list Brewdog IPOBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada

Oddsmakers heavily favor a UK launch for Brewdog IPO, placing a massive -500 price on that option, with a tremendous +300 option for the US.

Sources close to BrewDog suggest that the timing is still not right for a flotation, but the clock is ticking. Its private equity partner, TSG, is still awaiting a return on the $213 million it invested for a 22% stake in the brewer in 2017.

The terms of that deal guaranteed TSG a substantial 18% compounded annual return on its investment by August 2024.

With TSG’s stake now valued at nearly $700 million, flotation would need to value the business at almost $3 billion to avoid other shareholders, including BrewDog’s 200,000+ ‘equity punks,’ experiencing a shortfall.

An IPO with a valuation exceeding seven times annual revenues seems unrealistic, especially since BrewDog has yet to achieve a significant profit.

As the new CEO, Arrow may consider selling to another private equity firm or even a multinational brewer as the only viable option to ensure TSG receives what it is owed without long-standing investors losing out.

With the info provided, I would agree with the oddsmakers in this scenario and suggest betting UK launch for Brewdog IPO at -500 odds.

UK LaunchBrewdog IPO
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