Will there be a US Interest Rate Cut and our Shein IPO Stock Picks

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US Interest Rate Cut at next Fed Reserve meeting

The first market to examine is if the Federal Reserve will provide an interest rate cut for the US.

Interest Rate CutBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada

Oddsmakers have priced a NO interest rate cut at -220. The implied probability of -220 is about 68%. Let’s examine why oddsmakers are leaning toward a no-interest cut this summer.

During his presentation on Tuesday, Powell reiterated his confidence in the U.S. economy and job market, stating that they are in good shape.

This allows the Fed to deliberate on the timing of potential rate cuts with a sense of reassurance.

Many experts anticipate that the Fed will make its first rate cut in September, a move that could potentially be followed by another before the end of the year, signaling significant changes in the financial markets.

I agree with the oddsmakers on this one. They have direct information stating that there will not be an interest rate cut. -220 odds are steep, but it’s the correct outcome.

NOUS Interest Rate Cut at Fed Reserve Meeting
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It’s difficult even imagining a scenario in which something changes to the effect that suddenly flips the decision for the Federal Reserve board.

+155 odds are pretty steep and only indicate an implied probability of 39%. As tempting as the plus-money odds are, it’s best to agree with the oddsmakers.

YESUS Interest Rate Cut at Fed Reserve Meeting
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Michael Dell to invest in Everton FC

The next market we must explore is the Everton FC purchase. The English football club is rumored to be for sale.

Michael Dell Everton FCBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada

The interested party is Michael Dell.

Oddsmakers are certain that Michael Dell will make this transaction. There isn’t even an option to bet against them.

The only option is YES at -500 odds. I’m surprised the odds are listed at a higher number, but regardless, it feels like a certainty that this purchase will happen.

YESMichael Dell invest Everton FC
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Shein value after 1st day of trading

The final market we will explore is the value of Shein on the stock market after its first day of trading.

Shein Value after 1st DayBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Under $63.5 Billion-130-130-130
Over $63.5 Billion-110-110-110

It seemed like it would not have any resistance initially, but there is uncertainty regarding the company’s future.

Oddsmakers have placed odds on the value, and they’re favoring the Under $63.5 Billion option at -130 odds. The Over option is at -110 odds, so there isn’t too much of a difference in pricing.

Under $63.5 BillionShein value after 1st day trading
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The latest estimates value the company at around $64 Billion, which is right in line with its estimated value.

The merchant’s popularity could increase the price of the IPO and drive up the company’s value.

I will disagree with the oddsmakers and lean toward the over $63.5 billion option at -110 odds.

Over $63.5 BillionShein value after 1st day trading
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