The New York Mets have been a very successful MLB teams in one of the toughest markets in professional sports. This has caused many people to turn towards the Mets for betting over the years. For bettors looking for a guide to Mets betting and Mets odds, you have come to the correct location. We cover the Mets betting odds and how to win on the franchise consistently.



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Mets Odds to Win the World Series

Big market teams are always in the championship conversation because of their ability to spend a lot of money on players. New York, which is the home of the Mets and Yankees, is always expected to be good.

MLB World Series Winners OddsBovadaGTBetsBetUS
Los Angeles Dodgers+550+550+550
Houston Astros+750+750+720
Chicago White Sox+1000+1000+900
New York Yankees+900+1000+1000
Toronto Blue Jays+1400+1400+1400
Atlanta Braves+1400+1400+1400

Anything less than a deep playoff run is a disappointing season for the Mets. However, New York has not won a World Series since 1986, so you can typically find a lot of value in the Mets World Series odds.

The best time to place a bet on the Mets to win the World Series is before the season begins. All sportsbooks will allow you to gamble on the future World Series champions following the conclusion of a season.

New York usually has a strong, but their lack of rings gives them great value in the future betting department. When you wait to gamble on the Mets to win the World Series, you will lose value, but this is smart as well.

New York Mets Betting Odds 2022

New York Mets playoff odds will fade as the season outcome becomes certain. Before the campaign begins, there are always great odds for teams to win the World Series. Time can cause all bets to lose, so sportsbooks reward bettors who fill out slips well in advance of an outcome occurring.

Nevertheless, the Mets are always in the running to win the Fall Classic, so keep an eye on the franchise. New York has been more successful in their division than the World Series. The Mets’ odds to win the NL East has more value than the World Series.

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A stake in New York to win the division may not provide the same financial return, but it’s more likely to occur with a decent risk. The main thing you need to do if you are planning on wagering the Mets is to prepare.

You must study the team’s roster and their competitors to determine if the club is worthy of winning a championship. Some teams have no chance to succeed, and the Mets are usually not in this category. Yet, always make sure you do your research for Mets playoff odds 2022 and every season moving forward.

Mets Betting Odds

New York Mets have a variety of different betting markets that all include odds. When people bet on baseball, they do not usually look beyond the front page of the sportsbook. This causes people to lose because there is a lot of value throughout markets on a sportsbook.

Here are Mets betting odds to win the NL Pennant:

Odds to Win NL PennantBovadaBetOnlineGTBets
Los Angeles Dodgers+170+170+170
San Francisco Giants+210+220+210

On the front page of a sportsbook, you will find the money line, run line, and total. These are simple bets that causal and dedicated bettors both wager. The money line is picking one team to win a contest. If you took the Mets on the money line, the only thing that matters for this bet is that they had the lead at the end of the game.

The run line is a great equalizer because it allows you to bet on the underdogs and still be rewarded. With the run line, you are betting on a team to win by at least two runs or be within one run of the favorites.

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The total is when you wager the number of runs scored in a game. There are team totals where you bet on individual offenses and a combined score that you can also wager.

When you look beyond the traditional betting markets, there are many great NY Mets odds for you to wager and win. You can bet on the Mets to make the playoffs, their odds to win the NL East, and a variety of prop bets.

The props are the most exciting MLB bets on sportsbooks, but not all platforms offer the same selections. Props typically deal with individual players. You can wager future markets for player props and also game performances.

New York Mets Betting Odds 2022

Before the season, you can bet on a player to win all the end-of-season awards like the MVP, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, Gold Glove, and so much more. You can still bet these props during the season, but odds will be best for bettors before a season begins.

The Mets are in the National League, so you must search for the NL futures on a sportsbook if you want to bet on these markets.

The best part about baseball is the season length. New York plays 162 games per season, so there are a lot of chances to win games. There will be traditional markets for every game, but there is value in props.

Whether the Mets are good or bad as a team, they always have stars in the lineup or on the hill. Prop bets include hit and strikeout totals, players to hit a home run, and game length. Additionally, you can place parlays for the Mets, which can offer a massive return.

A parlay is when you combine multiple single bets into one wager to raise the odds. If the bet hits, you will receive a substantial payout. Parlays can be all baseball or combine MLB and other leagues.

If you are a massive Mets fan, it’s best to place parlays on teams that New York plays because you have an understanding of the competition level. When you utilize multiple NY Mets odds, you will receive a substantial financial return.

It’s essential to be smart when betting, but you will win money wagering on the Mets if you have a strategic approach.

How to Read Mets Betting Lines

All Mets betting lines will have corresponding odds to determine your payout. Sportsbooks help determine your payout by doing the math calculations. However, there are a few things you need to understand about Mets betting odds and lines.

The critical thing to remember is that the higher the odds, the less likely the scenario will occur. Odds at +250 are less likely to be successful than -150. Yet, you will win more money on higher odds because sportsbooks reward you for taking chances.

In a contest, the money line will have odds for each team. There will typically be one team with positive odds and the other with negative. If the Mets had positive money line odds, they would be an underdog in a given contest.

If New York had negative odds, they would be favorites on a sportsbook. Favorites and underdogs will alternate every night depending on past outcomes, lineups, and pitching matchups.

With the run line and total, there will be a number and odds. The run line will always be -1.5 or +1.5. A minus sign means win by, and a positive sign means be within. If you took the Mets at -1.5, they must win by two runs.

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There will be odds associated with 1.5 for the Mets, so you know what you will make for the bet. The same goes for the total. There will be a listed number and odds for the over and under. As a bettor, you need to decide if the total will go over or under and put down a stake.

For prop bets, there will be odds so remember, the higher the odds, the less likely an event is to occur for the New York Mets.