2022 Australian Federal Election Betting Predictions

Next year marks another federal election for Australian politics, which will result in a brand-new  47th parliament for the country. Forty of 70 seats will be open in the Senate, while all 151 spots in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs. We’re previewing the pending races in this article and finishing off with our own 2022 Australian Federal Election betting predictions!

The best available online sportsbooks have betting odds available for the election and what would ya know, it’s dead-even right now. Both the Coalition and Labor party have the exact same odds to win the majority:

Coalition Party-120-120
Labor Party-120-120

2022 Federal Election Preview

Let’s start with a quick 2022 Federal Election preview. There’s no hard date of when it’ll happen, however, it must be done on or before May 21, 2022 — when the current senate term expires. Ultimately, it’s on prime minister Scott Morrison to call an election, which could be any weekend from now until May. Based on historical precedent, the sweet spot for an election is between February and April.

With the finer details out of the way, let’s turn our attention to each of the two major parties. Here’s where they stand and what they need to do to win big come the 2022 election:

Labor Party’s Path To Victory

The shock of the 2019 election has come and gone for the Australian Labor party. For those unfamiliar, the Labor were heavy favorites among pollsters to retake the parliament that year. Welp, things didn’t go as planned as the Coalition won for the third consecutive election. Therefore, the last time the Labor ruled the country’s parliament was in 2010, more than a decade ago now.

Thankfully, there are important lessons for the Labor party to take away three years post-upset. Chief among them is to do better at polling, which is crucial to building an effective (and informed) election strategy. Three years ago, seeing its high performance on its faulty polls, Labor decided to hone in on big policy agenda such as tax changes. Safe to say that backfired on them.

Another lesson? Don’t be afraid to kick the Coalition where the sun don’t shine, especially in political ads. After a chaotic, nine-year reign atop Australian politics, the Coalition has no shortage of flaws it can be attacked for publically. We’re already seeing this lesson implemented as the Labor party has dialed up the negativity in the mass media attacks of its political opposition.

Coalition Party’s Path To Victory

Don’t look now but once again the pre-election polls hint at Labor having a landslide win in 2022. We saw how that turned out in 2019, therefore, the Coalition shouldn’t panic, right? Well, not exactly.

If the Coalition wants to extend its federal election winning streak to four terms, then it would be smart to shift the political conversation to money and the economy at large. Lately and for good reason, almost all the focus has been on COVID-19 and lockdowns. Heck, Australia’s handling of the pandemic has spilled into the international news wires, for better or worse depending on who you get your news from.

But back to the subject of the economy, which is usually top of mind for voters — no matter what the country. The fact is people care about money and the Coalition has the long-standing reputation as being “better economic managers.” Tried-and-true issues such as government spending, economic growth, low taxes, and cutting bureaucratic “red tape” need to be put back at the forefront of the conversation, and when it does, the Coalition will likely benefit.

2022 Federal Election Betting Pick

Let’s face it, Australia, like much of the world, was delivered a knockout blow by the COVID-19 virus. The economy is down. The forced lockdowns have alienated large swaths of the population. And more than anything else, the lives of many Australians is drastically different today than it was in 2019 pre-pandemic. This has to be considered when making a 2022 election betting pick.

You see, In times of complete chaos, the rings of “change” have an even more impactful effect on would-be voters. Being winners of three straight elections, it’s not as easy for the Coalition to fall back on a marketing campaign built on hope and change since if it was going to happen, well, it would’ve already been done during the past 12 years. However, the Labor party can surely clamor for change and have voters eating from the palm of their hands.

That’s exactly what we predict happens: Labor party promises for sweeping changes to Australia and voters believe them. With belief in their hearts, the voters elect the Labor party to its first federal election victory since 2010. That’s our prediction and where we’re putting our money on!

Labor Partyto win the 2022 Australian Federal Election
Bet now

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