Maryland Sports Betting Tops $300 Million For the Third Straight Month

Nothing but good news continues to arrive for Maryland sports betting, as things have been on the rise for a while now. With things being legalized a few years ago, the addition of online betting options has only improved things overall for the state. In case you needed further proof of that, we’ve got it for you. That’s because the update came in that Maryland sports betting tops $300 million for the third straight month, which is fantastic to see.

According to a report, Maryland recorded a total handle of $330 million for betting in February. In December and January, things were also north of $300 million. This is something that lawmakers and officials have obviously loved seeing. What has contributed to all of this success? We don’t have to tell you, but mobile betting has 100 percent helped the overall improvements for customers across the board.

Prior to November, only in-person bets were allowed. Keep in mind that when things officially opened for the state back in 2020, only five authorized locations were permitted to take in bets. Now, though, things have skyrocketed and the addition of mobile access has only helped things move forward. We have seen such a spike in the numbers because of an exciting football season, which makes sense.

Now, though, we are seeing things continue to stay hot because of people checking the NBA betting odds and getting bets in. With spring training here too, people are going to be betting big on Major League Baseball as well. Everyone in the state is wondering how long this streak of at least $300 million can keep on going, but from our chair, we don’t see things slowing down in the near future.

March Madness is going to be massive for Maryland sports betting

Looking ahead to the figures for the coming weeks as well, there’s no question that March Madness is going to be massive for Maryland sports betting, as this tournament is always a big-time player in the betting world. Outside of the Super Bowl, there’s no other event as big or as important for the betting community than March Madness. Each and every year, billions of dollars are placed on the game.

The betting is going to start in the lead-up games with teams looking to punch their tickets for the final seats for the dance. Then once the first round gets going and the 64-team field is set, then things really get interesting. As the tourney goes on, we always see some incredible upsets go down. This is often huge for the sportsbooks, because people check the NCAAB betting odds and go with the favorites, but then end up losing money because of those upsets.

This year, there are several teams who have high hopes and odds of winning it all. Obviously, teams like Houston, Kansas, Alabama and Purdue are considered among the top dogs to cut down the nets and win it all. However, you’ve also got to remember that UCLA, Duke, Arizona, Gonzaga and others also have strong odds and they’ll be ready to shock the No. 1 seeds whenever they have a chance.

With ‘Selection Sunday’ taking place over the weekend, bets are already flying in from sports fans on their favorite teams. Houston appears to be the betting favorite, even if they don’t play in a Power 5 conference. For people in Maryland, the wagers are going to be flying once we get closer and closer to the first day of the tournament. Things will be booming for the betting market all the way up to the title game.

The NFL Draft will also be a strong betting weekend for Maryland

For late next month, remember that the NFL Draft will also be a strong betting weekend for Maryland. In the state, people love the Washington Commanders and the team will be entering the 2023 season with high expectations in the NFC East. With that said, the Commanders will also be looking to make a splash in the draft by adding some premier talent on both sides of the football.

With this, countless people will be waiting to see who the team uses its first-round pick on. And with that, those same people will surely be betting on who Washington will end up selecting. There are a lot of young stars on the team already, but there are several positions of need for this squad. This is something the front office has in mind leading up to the first round, and fans are obviously checking out mock drafts quite a bit as well.

As a whole, though, people are going to be betting on the draft in its entirety. The big question people have is who will be the No. 1 overall pick? The Carolina Panthers traded up for the top selection, and they’ve been linked to Anthony Richardson, C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young and more. You already know that a lot of money will be put down on that No. 1 pick, with a QB surely getting ready to be taken off the board. This is something people in Maryland will have high interest in.

Chris Boline

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