Missouri Sports Betting Most Likely Not Coming Until 2023

The chances for Missouri sports betting sports betting got some unfortunate news during April as citizens found out that it’s not likely they will be able to bet on their favorite teams in the 2022 calendar year.

There are still two weeks left before lawmakers are going to be able to make the decision that is going to take place on May 13th, but it doesn’t look likely that it is going to happen this time around.

What Did People In The Missouri Senate Say?

The Missouri Senate actually had a few different outlooks on this situation. It seems as if a few of them wanted to have the bill passed, while others were totally against it. They spent all of last week debating a bill that would legalize sports betting in the state, but talks got a little out of hand and ended up not being focused on sports betting.

The main issue now in Missouri is that Senator Denny Hoskins has made it clear that any gambling expansion that doesn’t include video lottery terminals will not pass in the current Senate.

Senator Denny Hoskins had this to say about the current bill being passed.

“I say never say never,” Hoskins said. “Hopefully, the casinos will come to their senses and say, ‘Hey, we’d rather go ahead and have sportsbook available to the state of Missouri and to the taxpayers,’ and we would allow 5,000 video lottery machines to go towards our fraternal and veterans organizations here in the state.”

Missouri Democrat Senator Lauren Arthur was actually one of the people in the Senate that wants this bill passed. She had some great Insight throughout the entire conversation between her and the rest of the Senate.

“It’s a missed opportunity not just for our constituents, but it’s also a missed opportunity for the state because we know that people are going to go elsewhere,” said Missouri Democratic Sen. Lauren Arthur.

Other members in the Senate had some interesting things to say, as they were fed up that it was taking too long to come up with a decision on legalizing it or not.

“Either you’re voting for moderate expansion of gaming in the state or you’re not. There is no mirror where we’re going to have one without the other. There is no mirror where you’re going to ask me to stand down on what I want while you get what you want.”

“Like I said, that dog don’t hunt. Just stop. It’s an intellectual insult.”

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Betting In Missouri?

In this time of age, there’s truly no reason that every state in America hasn’t legalized sports betting yet. Not only is sports betting setting record-breaking numbers for profit for each state every year, but it’s eventually going to be a multibillion-dollar industry in every state.

With the way that people are betting in 2022, it would make sense why every state is looking to legalize it. In 2021, it was reported that US gambling revenue hit a record of $53 billion dollars.

The times of older congress not being fond of sports betting are long gone. This is a new age and era, with money to be made for the state. Not only is it going to be putting money in people’s pockets in each state, but it would also help the citizens of Missouri and give them something fun to do throughout their day.

Missouri has some of the best professional sports teams in each of their respective leagues. The Kansas City Chiefs are arguably the best team in football betting, the St. Louis Blues are one of the best hockey teams in the NHL, and the St. Louis Cardinals are always competitive in MLB betting. This would offer bettors a chance to bet on their favorite team and even win money while doing so.

Is Sports Betting Going To Be Legalized In Missouri During 2022?

Unfortunately, for the citizens of Missouri, it doesn’t seem likely at the moment that this bill is going to be passed. Although Senator Hoskins got on a talk show and said, “I’ll never say never, though. There is a little over two weeks of session left,” things aren’t looking too great for the Missouri citizens.

It seems as if there are too many people on both sides of the fence. Some say that it could be 50/50 that are wanting to pass this bill, while others believe that it could be much less of the members that want betting in the state.

There’s only going to be one way to find out if this bill does get passed and that’s going to be happening on May 13th. Although it doesn’t look likely at the moment that sports betting is going to happen in Missouri this year, bettors are still going to have a chance of going to travel to surrounding states and place their bets on their favorite teams.

Alfred Jenkins

Alfred Jenkins studied journalism in the California public university system. He has been writing about sports and sports betting for nearly two decades.