Who Will Be WWE Champion After Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns’ reign as WWE Universal Champion is approaching 700 days. The run is now the ninth-longest for a world champion in the promotion’s illustrious history. Yet, the best online sportsbooks are already thinking, “who will be WWE champion after Reigns.” So much that they’ve released betting odds on it. Here are the current favorites:

Brock Lesnar+140+140
Drew McIntyre+300+300
The Rock+400+400
Seth Rollins+1000+1000
John Cena+2000+2000

WWE Champion Betting Favorites

At almost even money, Brock Lesnar is the runaway betting favorite to be the next WWE champion. It makes sense since he’s currently feuding with Reigns. The two are scheduled for a pay-per-view match on Day One in a few short weeks. The storyline between the two superstars is the biggest-ticket item going in the promotion right now, which will likely continue into April’s Wrestlemania card.

With Reigns already possessing a win over Lesnar at October’s Crown Jewel event, you’d think Lesnar would need to “get a win back” to maintain the rivalry, especially if it’s to go another four to five months. Logic would say that, but this is also WWE we’re talking about. Logical, long-term booking is not exactly its strong suit, which raises doubts Lesnar will take the belt from him in our opinion here at MTS.

At the same time, logic would tell us that the first person to beat Reigns (and end his “reign of terror” as champion in the process) would be figuratively strapped with a jet-pack and launched into superstardom. That’s wrestling bookmaking 101 — and heck, it’s what WWE attempted to do with both Lesnar and Reigns about 10 years ago. Back then, Lesnar was the unstoppable champion and Reigns was being positioned as the “next guy” that would “slay the beast” when no other man could (John Cena, Undertaker, Seth Rollins, etc.). But here’s the issue: WWE doesn’t have that up-and-coming superstar waiting in the wings, not right now at least. If it did, that would be our no-brainer betting pick.

Still, there are plenty of current WWE superstars, established ones, that could benefit from ending Reigns’ vaunted streak — and believe us, the 44-year-old Lesnar is not high on that list. His star power has reached its ceiling already so we’d advise you NOT to wager with Lesnar. Though, the superstar we cover next checks a lot of the proverbial boxes you’d want out of the eventual Reigns stopper.

WWE Champion Betting Pick

Ah, what the heck, we’ll cut right to the chase: your post-Reigns WWE championship betting pick should be Rollins. He makes sense from both a betting value and bookmaking standpoint. Allow us to explain.

Rollins is a top-5 WWE talent in popularity, but he’s never quite been “the guy.” All of this despite being a four-time world champion in WWE (and being married to the more famous Becky Lynch). Unlike Lesnar, a win would elevate Rollins’ star power among the fan base and potentially make him “face of the company” material. He certainly has the in-ring and mic skills to warrant such a lofty position, but just needs the last push from bookmaking to maximize his potential.

Plus, a Rollins-Reigns story speaks for itself. The Shield backstory is there. But more importantly, the WWE Universe is well aware that even in the faction days, Reigns was always being groomed as “the guy” — not Rollins and certainly not the former Dean Ambrose. Image this, after a 10-year voyage, Rollins finally overcomes Reigns and proves he was the “gem” of the group all along? A storyline like that is EXACTLY how you create a babyface superstar, one that the company sorely needs in the post-Cena era.

If a WWE writer is reading this article, you can gladly take that storyline idea and credit it as your own before presenting it to Vince McMahon. Hey, we won’t take offense to the blatant stealing! That’s because we’ll have a sizable bet on Rollins at +1000 and we’ll be cashing out when it indeed happens no matter whose idea it was. As Ted Dibiase once said, “everybody’s got a price!”

Last word of advice for Rollins +1000 bettors: you’re probably going to have to wait for this payday. Reigns title reign sees no end in sight — not until the dream match against The Rock is booked at least. So if you’re making this bet, be aware that you’ll be tying up money for the long haul. Then again, the best things in life/betting are the ones worth waiting for.

Seth Rollinsto be WWE Champion after Roman Reigns
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How To Bet On WWE?

If you’ve read this far, we’re sure at one point you’ve wondered out loud, “what, you can bet on WWE? Really?” Yes, you mosr certainly can wager on it — despite the “sports” fixed-outcome aspect. WWE, as they like to say, is “sports entertainment.” And WWE has seen a surge in popularity at betting sites carrying entertainment. Right there, you can find up-to-date betting lines on WWE, award shows, and Hollywood roles up for grabs (e.g. James Bond).

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