Beshear A Best Bet Over Cameron In Kentucky

  • What: Election Day Races in West Virginia (2024) and Kentucky (2023)
  • When: Tuesday, November 7th, 2023… hopefully
  • Where: US Senate Race, Washington, D.C. and Governor’s Mansion in Kentucky

Election Day 2023 is just a few days away. Hey, there are a couple races of note as we head into this “General Election.” A 2024 race involves a Senate battle in West Virginia and a Tuesday race is for the Governor’s mansion in Kentucky. It has been a fun summer and early Fall as the candidates have battled and debated. Now comes Tuesday where the people will decide Kentucky and maybe that Senate race too.

Naturally, the best politics betting sportsbooks, did not take long to update the last numbers on final approach to the actual elections. Hey, in betting terms, several races took on a life of their own and the two we highlight were every much true of that fact. Again, it has been quite a ride.. Below are some numbers for 2023 Election Day Best Bets.

West Virginia Senate RaceBovadaBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
Jim Justice (R)-600-650-675
Joe Manchin (D)+375+400+450
Kentucky Governor Race
Andy Beshear (D)-750-700-650
Daniel Cameron (R)+440+380+400

2023 Election Day Bets – Here Comes Justice?

With 2023 Election Day Bets, let us lake an early look at the 2024 race for the West Virginia Senate seat. Joe Manchin goes up against Jim Justice in what is a largely Republican (err red) state. Manchin has been in office for 13 years. For what it is worth, Manchin has not fully decided whether he will seek reelection again. It is clear that the here comes Justice bandwagon is in full steam in West Virginia.

Yes, the problems with Manchin ring deep and many in West Virginia. The businessman is a career politician. Some forget that he was the Governor of West Virginia from 2003 to 2010. There were a few scandals including a miner scandal that surprisingly did not derail his political career. Now, it is strange that the numbers here have tilted so much from the Summer. Worse, for Manchin. the data indicates he is in real trouble here.

The idea that this could derail Justice’s political ambitions seems crazy. However, the court of public options can be a very fickle thing. Now, the thought process here is the idea of a sitting Governor having to testify under oath. There is little good that can come from that testimony. Fortunately, the class action lawsuit can go on without Justice and a deposition.

Well, some experts thought this might open a window for Manchin. Inevitably, there is a slight chance the Democrat does not seek reelection. He is in an uphill battle versus a candidate who could get as much as 55% of the popular vote or more. Manchin has danced on both aisles of the Senate to some occasionally disastrous results. His approval rating is well below 50% in West Virginia and the writing is likely on the wall.

Jim Justiceto win Senate Seat in West Virginia
Bet now

Andy Beshear Surging In The 2023 Election Day Bets

Okay, how is Andy Beshear surging in the 2023 Election Day Bets. Now, one of the biggest aspects of his campaign was getting sports betting passed in Kentucky. We had touched on this earlier in the political season where Beshear was about to facilitate legalized gambling in his state. After a few months, this has become a nice moneymaker for the state and that has created a nice boost in popularity. This has placed Daniel Cameron almost on the back burner.

Behrens surived some awkward moments in his first term as governor. However, his ability to keep both sides of the aisle at relative peace has served the Governor of Kentucky well. Despite this, some polling numbers do cause a little concern. One poll on has Beshear only up by two points on Cameron. This might be a race that is closer than some Democrats are willing to accept. The key word is might.

While Cameron has made some headway, this race is still Beshear’s to lose. Even with closer than it appear numbers, there is a reason why Beshear went from near EVEN during the summer to an overwhelming favorite now. Beshear ranges from -650 on BetOnline to -750 to Bovada.

Okay, what about the problems? It is a gamble for Republicans when it comes to supporting a Democrat in this position. However, some Republicans are that grateful for Beshear and his undying support for sports gambling in Kentucky. It was that big of an issue. Add in his handling of disasters and the Kentucky economy and the incumbent likely will be reelected after Tuesday’s election.

Andy Beshearto win Kentucky Governor's race
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Then There Are A Few More Races And Props

Longer shots abound, what about more 2023 Election Day Bets? Yes, then there are a few more races and props. There always is this time of year. Elections can be quite the process, but they still exact the most change in this country for better or for worse. Some fun races are out there including the State Senator in New Jersey where the result is far from guaranteed. Again, some local and state elections figure to have some twists which could be a precursor to one year from now.

Betting experts remain amazed that Joe Biden’s numbers have cratered to where they are. Earlier in the year, his approval rating Over/Under stood at 41.5 percent. We recommended going below 40 percent even. Now,. 2023 Election Day Bets see the Over 39.5 percent getting +115 to +125 value. Consequently, it truly is a sign that Tuesday may cement this prop and other Biden props for the end of 2023. That number at Under 39.5 percent was +150 even in July.

Joe BidenApproval Rating Under 39.5 percent
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Sportsbooks Crave Election Day

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