“Crooked Joe Biden” On Inside Track To Be First Trump Cliché

  • Donald Trump is not expected to debate in Milwaukee on Thursday, August 23rd.  
  • Despite the scandals and indictments, Trump keeps on rolling along.
  • What cliche does Trump utter first in his interview with Tucker Carlson?

The 2024 political cycle heads for the sort of goofy side. With the Republicans expected to debate in Milwaukee on Thursday night, there lies a few questions. For one, will Donald Trump attend? Second, what will he say in his interview with Tucker Carlson? Therefore, bettors get some Trump Cliche Best Bets. Also, there is the added possibility of even more side bet possibilities. .

As always, the top online betting sportsbooks update odds when it comes to all these quirky little outcomes. While it appears Trump will skip the debate, there are certain other things far less certain. Could the former President surprise us and utter something totally unexpected and off the script. Trump has been known to do that from time to time. Either way, any interview with the 45th is never dull.

Trump Interview First ClicheBovadaBetUS Review
Crooked Joe Biden+800+750
Perfect Phone Call+800+750
Radical Left Communists+1000+900
I Won In Georgia+1200+1100
Racist DA+1200+1100
Ron Desanctimonious+1200+1200
Biden Crime Family+1500+1500
Most Corrupt In History+1500+1600
Most Votes In History+1500+1600

Trump Cliche Best Bets – Crooked Joe Biden A Contender

Okay, with Trump Cliche Best Bets, let’s ask about that one favorite target. How is Crooked Joe Biden a contender? The answer should not surprise many. Trump’s likes to attack Biden early and often. He believes Joe Biden should not be the President. Now, there are times that some long shots could make their way into the mix. Part of this involves how Tucker Carlson asks the questions. Cliches are inevitable with the Republican frontrunner. It’s only a matter of time.

Consequently, the Republican race remains Trump’s to lose. Depending on the polls, he holds at least a 30 percentage points lead on. Will hie attention be on any of the Republican candidates? Based on the expected line of questioning from Carlson (who hosts his own Twitter show), the likelihood that an answer involves Biden in some way, shape, or form. Trump does want to go on the offensive.

The idea that the first cliche in an interview is a prominent political bet is amazing. Also, this ups the level of spice and keeps things interesting while the other Republican candidates battle each other for the scraps essentially. Barring some dramatic events, the debates are merely a formal battle for the scraps as Trump lets the combatants knock each other out one by one in a battle royal of sorts.

Some experts believed the number should be shorter for “Crooked Joe Biden”. The reality is odds are much longer for some fun cliches. Even Bogus Indictments and Fake News Media are both hanging around +2000. With Tucker Carlson having the discretion to go in many directions, that allows the cliche spectrum to go into overdrive. However, mentioning Biden still seems first on the menu. We’ll bite on that pick.

[cta-betting-pick bet=”Crooked Joe Biden” match=”To be the first Trump cliche” odds=”+800″ cta=” Bet Now!” id_partner=”195″]

How About The Case For Bogus Indictments?

Okay, let us crank things out as we approach the case for bogus indictments in the cliche tournament. Why? That is easy. This is a solid swing to take as the best online political betting sites have begun to become more receptive to the idea of some crazier betting options. Again, this is more than just about Trump. This is more about the idea that there are four indictments on Donald Trump and counting. Could there even be a fifth this week?. Could this make inroads in the Trump Cliche Best Bets?

After all, Trump sees the coincidences mounting for Joe Biden while he keeps on fighting charge after charge. While one candidate seems to be protected, the other is spending his personal fortune to defend himself. Who knows what is even true anymore? So kind of like some of the other cliches, “Bogus Indictments” keeps gaining a little momentum. As much as some of the other have been mentioned, we are looking at which ones could be said first.

With this interview, only expect the rhetoric to ratchet up along with the accusations on both sides. At the very least, this 2024 political cycle will keep on growing. It is a lot like a gremlin who keeps getting wet and fed after midnight. No matter what, society cannot seem to get enough of this. Whether the publicity is good, bad, or ugly, any press seems to be good press. Do not be surprised to see more cliches between now and Thursday get mentioned.

Alas, again indictments could easily lead off. Now does Tucker Carlson go there, Biden, or somewhere else? The feeling may be the indictments gain the top focus. Yes, that is why the Trump Cliche Best Bets lean to that +2000 of a long shot.

[cta-betting-pick bet=”Bogus Indictments” match=”To be first cliche said by Trump” odds=”+2000″ cta=” Bet Now!” id_partner=”195″]

Trump Cliche Best Bets – Some Hope For Fake News Media

With Trump -1600 to not attend the Milwaukee debate, what about some hope for “Fake News Media” in the Trump Cliche Best Bets? This looks like it could be a more extended long shot but remember Carlson got fired from Fox News. Does he use his Twitter platform to take a shot at the media and toss the conch to Donald Trump for one of his more trademark cliches?

American betting pundits cannot overlook this fact when considering a wager.

Looking at that +2000 is not so bad. This is better than some of the ones like MAGA which come in at +1000. Even Radical Left Communists or Perfect Phone Call seem too high up the list. Again, one has to be mindful of interviewer and interviewee.

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