Donald Trump Not So Crazy Choice For House Speaker

  • What: The Republicans need a new House Speaker after Kevin McCarthy was ousted  
  • When: Sometime in October, hopefully
  • Where: House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. 

The 2024 Presidential Election is still more than a year away. Naturally, the Republicans shot themselves in the foot again, pulled a huge band-aid off, and now need a new Speaker for the House of Representatives. It was always said Kevin McCarthy was not long for this job. If you had him getting canned in 2023, take a bow and your cash!

When it comes to the top online betting sportsbooks, it did not take long for numbers to come rolling in on the next Speaker. Hey, in betting, the corpse is never cold enough. Politics is as only as good as the next news cycle. Now, Republicans need someone who can galvanize the base while unifying the constituents. That is never easy and yet for some reason, it always is with Democrats. Sometimes, things work in very strange ways. Below are some numbers for House Speaker Best Bets.

Next House SpeakerBovadaBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
Jim Jordan-150-175-165
Steve Scalise+300+350+325
Donald Trump+800+900+800
Byron Donalds+1200+1200+1100
Patrick Henry+1200+1400+1200
Kevin McCarthy+1200+1600+1600

House Speaker Best Bets – Hey, It’s Jim Jordan!

With House Speaker Best Bets, let us look at hey, it’s Jim JordanNo one should be surprised here. Jordan had been angling for the Speaker job well before Kevin McCarthy. It was not a secret. There were all those votes (15 in total). The thing is that the representative from Ohio has some skeletons in his closet. However, those have not stopped him from throwing his hat in here. Betting sites label him as a favorite nonetheless.

Yes, the former Ohio State wrestling coach faces a considerable amount of scrutiny here. He campaigned vigorously on supporting integrity and getting to the bottom of things. Now, the Ohio State wrestling program from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s comes back to haunt him. It is peculiar how these stories always happen to resurface. Either way, the Richard Strauss sex abuse scandal has seen many cover-ups. No matter the denials, there is some smoke here.

The idea that Jordan knew nothing is probably a load of bull. Also, this likely scares some potential votes away at a minimum. Does it completely derail his aspirations of becoming Speaker? That is a great question. No matter what is said in the press, Jim Jordan wants this job! He craves the power and will go to some pretty low places to achieve that goal. That raises its own concerns and needless to say, puts that -150 number at Bovada on some shaky ground.

Well, some pundits think Jordan’s goose could be cooked. Inevitably, he will withdraw his name from Speaker consideration. However,  until he does so, his name is in the forefront for better or worse. There are others who believe he can survive this. He has before. It keeps harkening back to Robert Menendez from New Jersey. Now, at some point, Jordan may not be able to avoid this. Again, he remains the favorite otherwise.

Jim Jordanto become House Speaker
Bet now

Steve Scalise In The House Speaker Best Bets?

Okay,  what about Steve Scalise in the House Speaker Best Bets. Why? This makes too much sense. Scalise appears to be the smartest wager as the online political betting sites are firmly placing him as the bonafide second choice here. Could he deflect things well enough if more trouble is on the horizon? Absolutely. The Representative from Louisiana is the House Majority Leader already. He knows a thing or two about what the job entails as Speaker.

Scalise survived the shooting at the charity baseball practice for the Congressional game. Despite a number of obstacles, the congressman displays a unity and calming voice that seems to soothe a savage Republican Party. However, there is one big question. Can the man handle the hornet’s nest that will lead up to the 2024 Presidential Election?

While this could prove to be the biggest problem, increased visibility means there will be those who attack Scalise. This is the nature of the beast. Becoming Speaker means there are no friends technically. Politics has become so vicious that no one is safe. One thing for sure is that no politician is perfect. Everyone has skeletons and secrets.

Okay, what about the problems? It is a gamble for Republicans when it comes to any candidate for this position. Media, on both sides, feels the need to attack and attack and attack. That presents its own dilemmas and makes the job of representing the people far more difficult. The hope for the “Majority” in the House would be that Scalise displays the best chance of being able to unify the party.

Steve Scaliseto become House Speaker
Bet now

Then There Is Donald Trump

Longer shots abound, what about more House Speaker Best Bets? Some suggested more sensible candidates and then, there is Donald Trump. Talk about infuriating a lot of people while unifying a large segment of the people. It is not as crazy of a concept as it seems. Trump knows the inner workings of the White House and being Speaker, he would be third in line to the President of the United States. Given Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and one has the recipe for a boatload of insanity.

Betting experts from the United States got stunned with the prospect of this as first but noticeably, Trump has risen from +4000 to +6000 long shot to inside of +1000 here. While hedging money on politicians like Byron Donalds and Steve Scalise is prudent, a tiny wager on a Trump flier is not a bad thing still.

Donald Trumpto take on House Speaker temporarily
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