Joe Biden Props Head Into The Profitable Zone For 2024

  • What: Another look at some US Politics Best Bets
  • When: December 2023 and well into 2024
  • Where: Across betting places nationwide and beyond

Election Day 2023 let some things out of the bag. However, there is still more than 11 months until Election Day 2024. Now, the fun part is there lays a lot more than just a Presidential Election. There are all sorts of props and potential votes on the way. It is time to have a little fun with numbers.

As always, the best politics betting for sportsbooks are right here at My Top Sportsbooks. This could pave the way for what bets may pay out in 2024. Then again, it might not. Now, what are some updated political wagers and props?. Again, this has been getting crazier by the month it seems. Below are some numbers for just one of our 2024 US Election Best Bets.

Joe Biden Approval Rating 1/24BovadaBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
42% or higher+2000+2500+2500
Under 37%+400+400+350

2024 US Election Best Bets – Joe Biden Approval Rating

With the 2024 US Election Best Bets, it keeps occurring to us that the two-party system is so universally detested right now because of the choices given. Choosing between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is probably less than optimal for such a country like the United States. Given how the economy is doing along with the United States’ standing in the world and it is little surprise that Biden cannot even muster something above 40%

Yes, even Donald Trump might be able to get above 41 or 42% at this point. Currently, Biden’s approval rating has dipped to 38.2%. This number has come down more than 2% since late October. Now, that may be the sobering part. For a brief moment, it appeared Biden had some hope in finishing the year at or above 41%. With that likely out the window and a lot of our bets cashing, we ask how low can this go?

The idea that some polls were even lower is sobering to say the least. This could go a good ways down from here. Some asked if we are looking at 35-36% by the end of the year. It is possible, but not likely. Now, if something goes crazy with the world or the United States, then all bets are off. If things remain status quo, then the number should fall a little more maybe into that 37-37.99% range.

Naturally, some pundits see appeal in that window. Inevitably, there is always the chances this number could go up as 2024 beckons. However, that 41% number two months ago seems like a lifetime ago. As much as we want to go further, our best option is to wager on the 37’s as a viable stopping point.

Joe Biden Approval RatingTo settle at 37-37.99%
Bet now

Updates With Those US Election Best Bets

Now, let us have some with those US Election Best BetsSo, what happens next as they say? One of the odder things from the data is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It is safe to say that RFK Jr. will not be exchanging Christmas cards with the Biden administration anytime soon. It is intriguing to see that he would be +300 to endorse Donald Trump yet one of the top Vice Presidential choices for him at +500. One has to love these wagers sometimes for they are all over the place.

With candidates like RFK, Gavin Newsom, and some Republicans who still have not bowed out that should, 2024 shapes up to be pure chaos. Honestly, it might be in RFK’s benefit to endorse a Republican at some point. With how divided this country is, it is clear that anyone who tries to work together gets crucified. Those feel like the rules. Maybe, we are wrong. However, more than likely, My Top Sportsbooks may be on to something here.

While he may not like Trump, RFK likely sees himself more likely to side with him come endorsement time. Then again, RFK has as big of a chance to go third-party. We have mentioned this before. One of the key inflection points will be how much more unpopular does Biden get. Is that enough to get people to come off the Biden ticket in droves?

Okay, Hillary Clinton is not blowing through that door and Kamala Harris is oh, do not get any of us started. That gives the country even more heartburn . Books, like Bovada Online Sportsbook Review, are tossing out names all over the place. That is why no one would be surprised if RFK would endorse Donald Trump. That would be so 2024.

RFKTo endorse Donald Trump in 2024
Bet now

Just Prop Us Up For Next Year

Do longer shots roll in with more 2024 US Election Best Bets? Yes, just prop us up for next year already. After all, the Christmas season is the time for giving. What props could we possible consider for 2024? Since that Under 39.5% approval rating for Biden appears to be a lock too, now we have to search for some other betting wagers.

Alright, let’s get funky err different. While Joe Biden will not get indicted before the next election, does he even finish out 2024 as President. Remember, if he loses the election, he serves into January of 2025. So, something would have to happen to Biden for him not to be able to serve in that capacity.

Betting experts keep thinking this might be one that does not go away. Even though the number is as high as +600, it is intriguing enough to consider. For the first time in a long time, the 2025 number has entered negative territory. What fun is that? Exactly! Let’s roll into this as 2024 being the end of the road for Joe Biden.

Joe BidenTo be out of the White House by the end of 2024
Bet now

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