Republicans Good At Even Money To Win Presidential Bid

  • What: Another look ahead at which party wins the Presidency in 2024
  • When: Tuesday, November 5th, 2023… maybe
  • Where: At polling places across the United States

Election Day 2023 carried some intriguing results and its fair share of surprises too. One of the biggest came last week when Joe  Manchin announced he would not seek re-election in West Virginia. That surprised a few pundits but none of us here at MyTopSportsbooks. It was expected and an easy prop to hammer on. With the race wide open for a Republican to win a Senate seat in West Virginia, Democrats have to be at least mildly concerned.

When it comes to the best politics betting for sportsbooks, it did not take long for the Presidential race to tighten up even more. Is this country divided or what?  With a few races taking. on a life of their own, this could pay the way for what may happen in 2024. Then again, it might not. Now, what are some of the latest political wagers?. Again, this has been some wild time of it. Below are some numbers for 2024 Presidential Party Best Bets.

Presidential Party Winner 2024BovadaBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
Third Party+2500+2400+2500

2024 Presidential Party Best Bets – We Are More Divided

With 2024 Presidential Party Best Bets, it keeps becoming more and more crystal clear that if a viable third party candidate ran, we would truly have some chaos. However, that is not the case. This is why the party numbers are so close. There is some value with the Republicans as a pick. Here is why. Now, some are going to disagree considerably with the reasoning for this. Despite all of Donald Trump’s legal troubles, it appears to have zero effect. If anything, that effect is positive.

Yes, even if Trump should have to drop out at some point before the election, the Republicans have a few candidates who could likely beat Joe Biden in November of 2024. The Presidential Election really is less than one year from now. Let that sink in. Meanwhile, there are so many issues facing this country that few can truly agree upon solutions. It was why the government comes close to shutting down and worse.

The idea that any of these third-party candidates can win registers as fantasy.. However, the idea they can eat votes away from a Joe Biden is very possible. .Some have even suggested a few darkhorse candidates could still run for the White House from the left-hand side. The more muddled the race gets, the more this seems to favor Republicans on the surface. After all, chaos and more options help the right as opposed to the left. See 2016 as an example among several others.

So, some experts see that little window to bet Republican. Inevitably, there is always the chances things could blow up in the face of Republicans. It has happened before. However, that Even number on BetUS is a good value. There is a chance we may not see that again in 2024.

Republican PartyTo win 2024 Presidential Election
Bet now

Some Fun With The 2024 Presidential Party Best Bets

Now, let us have some fun with the 2024 Presidential Party Best Bets. Now, a considerable amount of oddities remain as we do not even have nominees for either party yet. That comes next summer or a little sooner. With such a long way to go, speculation runs wild as to what may happen next. When there are props insinuating Hillary Clinton might run, that is a sign things have gone way off the rails.

With candidates like RFK, Gavin Newsom, and the such, anything is possible. With Andy Beshear winning in Kentucky, Democrats probably feel more emboldened. There were some more localized results in Virginia and several other states that gave hope to the left as 2024 approaches. Whether that is a mirage remains to be seen. However, the fact that Beshear won by 5% (66.000+ votes is significant).

While Cameron made a little headway, aided by Donald Trump mostly, it was nowhere near enough to supplant the Beshear name. Simply put, there were other races that worry Republicans. It seems both sides are more focused on anxiety of losing than running the country.

Okay, Hillary Clinton is a not that outrageous +800 to run either in 2024 or 2028. Joe Manchin is at +8000 to win the Democratic nomination but that +2500 third-party bet on Bovada to win the Presidency might have a little something. Newsom is +700 by the way and even Michelle Obama is at +1000. That paints a chaotic mess at best among the field right now. Books, like Bovada Online Sportsbook Review, are throwing names on a dartboard now. Out of all these props, that third-party wager is intriguing.

Third PartyTo win the Presidency of the United States
Bet now

For A Few Props More

Do longer shots roll in with more 2024 Presidential Party Best Bets? Yes, then there are a few more races and props. There can be nothing taken for granted even with this much time before the General Election. Anything could happen. What if something unfortunate occurred to Joe Biden? Taking the field to secure the Democratic nomination would be different and has now lengthened to +180.

Remember that approval rating prop that was +150 in the Summer at Under 39.5%? It is now an astonishing -185 for Joe Biden. Again, it is difficult to have a more positive than negative rating in this political climate. However, the fact that Biden has been at or below 40% for so long now leads to even more possibilities.

Betting experts still have not put out viable VP replacement for Kamala Harris so it appears they are resigned to Harris running with Biden again in 2024. Contrary to rumors, that seems to be the case. Meanwhile, Tim Scott is still around +800 for the Republican Vice President. Now that would be fun.

Democratic FieldTp secure the party nomination
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