RFK Jr To Endorse Donald Trump For US Election

  • WHAT: US Presidential Election Endorsements 
  • WHEN: Anytime before Election Day 2024
  • WHERE: United States
  • WHY: Who will Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorse in the race for President?

The US Presidential Election still has a little more nine months to go. Right now, Joe Biden has a few fringe candidates to fend off including Robert F. Kennedy Jr (RFK Jr). Anyway, the US Election Endorsement Bets start to take a look at who the colorful candidate may ultimately endorse. After all, does anyone believe he can really challenge the incumbent in any consequential way?

So, the top online betting sportsbooks released some interesting odds on this betting scenario. Below, we present the earliest numbers based on the choices listed. After that, we make a pick along with some other fun possibilities. Yes, a little intrigue never hurts.

RFK Jr Endorsement Odds 2024BetUS ReviewBovadaBetOnline Review
Donald Trump+250+200+225
Joe Biden+800+1000+900
Someone Else+2500+3000+2500

US Election Endorsement Bets – Some Numbers As Of Now?

So, this week’s US Election Endorsement Bets list some numbers as ohttps://twitter.com/DupeireJames/status/1753956691513668039f now? Hey, Iowa and New Hampshire really did not tell us too much. There is still the obvious that Joe Biden still managed more than 60% of the vote despite being a write-in candidate. On October 9th, 2023, Kennedy Jr. switched from Democrat to Independent more to be a thorn to the side of Joe Biden and other potential third-party candidates.

The question with Biden winning over 90% of the vote in South Carolina on Saturday, what kind of in-roads could RFK Jr might have made if he had continued on as a Democrat? Anyway, that is a moot point but as a third-party candidate, what can he really do?

The answer may be the younger voter where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seems to be gaining in the numbers. Some acknowledge that RFK Jr has little chance of winning the Presidency. However, he could change the outcome of the election in several ways. One of the biggest ways would be which candidate does he ultimately endorse? Keep in mind that the Presidential Candidate does not have to endorse anyone.

Anything can happen between now and even the summer when the conventions are. How long could this go on? Would Kennedy consider running on behalf of the Libertarian Party? That remains a possibility too. That is why in the US Election Endorsement Bets considers the idea that RFK Jr endorses no one because he will still be on the ballot. Currently, no numbers exist for that possibility.

US Election Endorsement Bets – Will RFK Jr Endorse Donald Trump?

So, here is where this gets fun Why? That is easy. Always bet wisely here. Now, when looking at political online betting sites, it never hurts to explore some different US Election Endorsement Bets. One asks the question. Could Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorse Donald Trump? 

Honestly, Joe Biden looks to be out and his numbers keep fanning out as such. We have seen +800 to +1000 odds depending on the site and those were halved even a few months ago. Now, the animosity between Biden and RFK Jr is very real. They do not agree on much of anything in terms of policy. In his eyes, Biden is thought of as an extreme failure to stay the least. Yes, things could easily pivot to Trump as the stances are a little more in alignment.

Heading further into the primary season and it is very apparent already that Biden versus Trump Part 2 is very likely. Then again, there lies the potential for one major wrinkle. We will get to that in a bit. Right now, if any one candidate endorses the other, it would be RFK Jr endorsing Donald Trump. There are a few reasons here.

Again while most of the mainstream media likes to poo-poo RFK Jr., outlets like Fox News seem to welcome the Independent candidate for the Presidency. It will be interesting to see if Trump could be on his way, what may happen next? One of the logical steps would be for Robert F. Kennedy Jr to endorse Donald Trump. The number is shortening some but still carries a bit of value.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.to endorse Donald Trump
Bet now

Some Other Numbers To Consider This Week

After all, US Election Endorsement Bets beg some other numbers to consider this week. For all we know, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might just endorse himself err no one else. There are some polls who have seen some projected numbers around 20% in a three-horse race with Trump and Biden. Could RFK Jr get to 34 percent or better? With his ability to attract younger voters, there appears to be a slight possibility. Gaining 1-2% a month is not far-fetched at the expense of the two principal candidates.

Also, a flier on someone else is around +2500 to +3000. The projected odds for no one else likely would be around the same. Again, no one gave Donald Trump a chance in 2016 and look at what happened. The mainstream media fails in so many regards and especially when it comes to polling and projections. Could the unthinkable happen again in 2024? Does Biden or Trump even make it to the General Election? Okay, we had to ask that too.

This race still has many twists to come. We will presume, for now, that these three candidates are the most likely to stick around for the foreseeable future. Expect Nikki Haley and the Democratic challengers to fall by the wayside in the next month or less.

Looking ahead into the Spring and beyond, the someone else would be interesting even if it is not very likely. Again, watch for the no one else choice.

RFK Jrto endorse someone else
Bet now

Where Else To Wager On Politics?

So, where else to wager on politics?

Thankfully, the BetOnline Sportbook Review site already offers up some good numbers for the US Election and international races too.

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