Tim Scott A Good Running Mate For Donald Trump

  • Against all odds, Donald Trump still seems to be the choice for the Republican nomination.  
  • Who will be his running mate for next November’s Presidential Election?
  • Could Tim Scott be the bridge that gets him a second term? 

The 2024 Presidential Election is a little less than 14 months away. With the Republicans, it still feels like Donald Trump will be the nominee from the Republican Party. Naturally, he needs a running mate err Vice President. Who might it be? There are more than a few qualified candidates and always the odd long shot or two.

Naturally, the best online betting sportsbooks post new numbers when these prop bets get updated. While it appears there is no established favorite, again there are at least four bonafide candidates who can make a case to be the right-hand person to take on Kamala Harris in any debate. Several of them probably could take on Joe Biden at this point. Anyway, the one thing we have learned is just list the numbers first and explain ourselves later.

Republican Vice President NumbersBovadaBetUS Review
Vivek Ramaswamy+450+400
Kari Lake+500+500
Nikki Haley+500+550
Tim Scott+500+600
Kristi Noem+800+800
Elise Stefanik+1400+1500
Sarah Huckabee Sanders+1600+1600

Republican Vice President Bets – Vivek The Favorite?

So, with Republican Vice President Bets, let us look at Vivek Ramaswamy as the favorite. Does that even last? The early answer is no one knows. Please understand that none of these candidates have withdrawn by a long shot. However, with Donald Trump leading his opposition by a considerable margin, it makes sense to speculate here. Ramaswamy has made a name for himself, for better or for worse. Yes, he has ideas and some are truly out there.

Yes, Republicans are not quite sure what to think of the self-made man. Ramaswamy possesses much charisma and is not afraid to take anyone on. That is a good trait to have. Trump, or any candidate, realizes a guy like Mike Pence is just not the answer now. There needs to be a fire in the belly. Now, the one thing Ramaswamy has is plenty of fire. There was that Eminem-like rap, but more importantly, he is not afraid to have a pulse. It’s kind of refreshing!

The notion that one does not know where Ramaswamy stands is gibberish. Also, this makes life easier because everyone can see where he is on the spectrum when it comes to various issues. There is no hedging or backing down. What you see with Ramaswamy is what you get. Sure, one may not agree with him on certain issues. On the other hand, he really gets his name out there and is not afraid to stick his neck out too.

Some experts believe Ramaswamy will only get so far. Inevitably, he will withdraw his name from the presidential race. However, he will linger around. That puts him in a position to be a Vice Presidential candidate. If Donald Trump wins as expected, Ramaswamy will be considered at the least. After all, they do seem to be in sync with a lot of major issues. Also, it helps that the two are a little boisterous to say the least.

Vivek RamaswameyTo be Donald Trump's Running Mate
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Tim Scott In The Republican Vice President Bets?

Alright, the next question is what about Tim Scott in the Republican Vice President Bets. Why? That is an easy one. This may prove to the wisest wager as the prime online political betting sites are again coming around to Scott as a worthwhile running mate to Donald Trump. Could he deflect things well enough if more trouble is on the horizon? There is an intelligence yet passion which fuels the Senator from South Carolina. Could this have some potential come November of next year?

Okay, the establishment helps itself if Scott is indeed the Vice President. Unfortunately for Democrats, Scott is not going to back down from anything. He was a businessman first, moved up the ranks from the House to the Senate, and knows a thing or two about the Potomac “two-step.” Scott even appeared on “The View” during the summer and took the hosts to school literally and figuratively. It is something to watch and kind of wonder that he makes almost too good of a Vice Presidential candidate.

While the tweet is very accurate, it is commendable that Scott has not gone down a road so many other Republicans and Democrats have gone. Why stoop oneself to that level in the first place? On the other hand, the businessman and Senator from South Carolina chirps back with the best of them. He makes for an affable running mate who can bridge some gaps.

So, what about that controversy? It is a gamble for Republicans but with the reality of Trump, a polished yet passionate candidate may not be such a bad thing. Throw out the race of Tim Scott. Yes, he is African-American. However, the man has worked hard and proven that over and over again. A person can accomplish anything. He can even become a contender to be the Republican choice for Vice President.

Tim ScottTo be a Republican Vice Presidential nominee
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Republican Vice President Longer Shots

With longer shots abound, what about more Republican Vice President Betting Picks? Some jokingly suggest Tucker Carlson or Donald Trump Jr. However, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (the Governor of Arkansas) keeps springing up as a possibility.

American betting pundits ponder other possibilities, but for now even that Under looks good. While Kristi Noem is a possibility, Huckabee Sanders is more in line with the inside track here. It’s more a question if she wants the task.

Sarah Huckabee SandersTo be a Republican running mate
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