Trump Going For The End Game In New Hampshire

  • WHAT: New Hampshire Primary Best Bets 
  • WHEN: Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024
  • WHY: New Hampshire could be a bit more interesting than Iowa

While the Republican primary race appears to be more of a formality, New Hampshire represents something a little different. Honestly, things draw closer in the “Granite State” as Nikki Haley starts to get her legs. Now, New Hampshire Primary Best Bets looks to see who might win the second primary on the Republican schedule. Meanwhile, there may another candidate or two that eventually drops out either before or after New Hampshire.

Yes, the prime online political betting sites shine a light on Election 2024. It is great to see votes being cast and primary/caucus season is here. The question looms for Ramiswamy and even DeSantis. How long are they going to stay in this race even if the odds are stacked against them? Here is the table below.

New Hampshire Primary NumbersBetUS ReviewBovadaBetOnline Review
Donald Trump-240-250-275
Nikki Haley+150+175+175
Ron DeSantis+7000+6000+7500
Vivek Ramaswamy+10000+10000+10000

New Hampshire Primary Best Bets – Donald Trump Still The Favorite

Alright, the New Hampshire Primary Best Bets see Donald Trump is still the favorite. However, the numbers are not outrageous like they were in Iowa. There are no 30-40 point leads here. In some polls, the margins keep narrowing to as low as single digits. Honestly, it is something that cannot make Trump very happy. Sometimes the messenger in these numbers is not the greatest. Keep that in mind.

Either way, the early poll numbers in New Hampshire via CNN are at least a little telling. Maybe, that slight Iowa turn toward Haley is paying dividends up north. This CNN poll came to us on January 9th.

  • Donald Trump – 39%
  • Nikki Haley– 32%
  • Vivek Ramaswamy – 8%
  • Ron DeSantis – 5%

Okay, one of the biggest differences between Iowa and New Hampshire is the undeclared voter. Independents can choose who they want to vote for on primary day. It is one of those interesting wrinkles that creates a little drama in a primary. One thing is clear. Ron DeSantis remains in real trouble here. Some talk has bubbled up that he might consider bowing out before too long. A dismal result in New Hampshire could tip the scales that way.

Somewhat surprising is that Trump is as low as -240 to win in the Granite State. Basically, not seeing 95-99% chances of victory is a little different for Trump. Again, this represents a different state and only 28 of the 2,279 needed delegates to win the nomination. Honestly, for New Hampshire Primary Best Bets make it easy for some different candidates to make noticeable headway.

New Hampshire Primary Best Bets And Some Trump Numbers

So, let us go deeper here. New Hampshire Primary Best Bets and some Donald Trump numbers like to focus on what has happened in New Hampshire (2016 and 2020). Little of that matters now. This appears more and more to be a two candidate race and that second person looks more to be Nikki Haley. In a funny way, this remains not much of a surprise. Trump once said that the former South Carolina governor would be his biggest threat to facing Joe Biden.

Again, the math is still with Trump here but not quite at the levels one may be accustomed to. Iowa spoiled some into thinking New Hampshire would see double digit numbers. Alas we have seen several polls correct themselves or come down all together. The important thing is not being first as much as it is getting results right the first time.

The largest leads we have seen in some polls now range from only 12-15 points. Yes, we say that only because Trump was projected to win by so much in Iowa. A much slimmer number keeps Haley afloat. A disastrous one likely sinks DeSantis to almost obscurity or worse. Some even suggest Trump has asked Ramaswamy to drop out before New Hampshire. So far, the entrepreneur has not bit once.

Again, a solid majority of experts believe Trump will still win by right around double digits. As for other results, after Nikki Haley, the rest of the results are a total question mark. No one truly knows what will happen. The current prop at 10-14.99% looks better and better by the day.

Donald TrumpTo win among Republicans in New Hampshire
Bet now

Playing With Numbers ?

Okay, New Hampshire Primary Best Bets ponder playing with more numbers. Bovada online sportsbooks allowed us to dive into a few more topics with this article. For one, there is the Joe Biden write-in prop? The write-in vote share stands at 58.5 percent currently. That seems high but keep in mind, even with all those “independent” voters, Biden still should easily win his side of the  equation.

Also, money can be tossed on the over 58.5% prop. At this moment, Biden could easily get 60% or more here. The Over rolls in at -120 for those wondering. Do not fret. There are always more things to bet. We have only begun to fight as they say.

Finally, Bovada, BetOnline Sportsbook Review and BetUS take us down the road and drop us off for all sorts of crazy prop bets. Just when one thought it was safe to go into the primary waters, there are a few wagers which make bettors cringe. BetUS offers the will Biden make it to January 2025 (err the next inauguration). That is now at +500. Besides that, there is the half-year bet with Biden ending up under 40.5% for his approval rating. That blows in at =130.

Joe BidenNot to make it through his first term
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