Win Thousands In Free Play With BetUS Promos This Month

When it comes to bonuses, there are two categories that most popular online sportsbooks fall into — BetUS-level and the norm. Seriously, BetUS is in a completely different stratosphere with its promotions, and for the better too. In this article, we’ll illustrate how that is (spoiler alert: it’s because of the thousands of dollars in free play that are available right now). Below we’ll list the best BetUS deals you should be most aware of for May:

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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“Regular” Bonuses Are Out-Of-This-World Good

The easiest way to separate BetUS deals is by payment method. You see, just about any bonus — whether it’s here or at a competitor — is unlocked after depositing money. You need “skin the game” (your own funds) before a bookmaker is going to hand out free money. So every deposit made on-site is eligible for a free-play bonus, but how you insert that money is the big variable.

You could either deposit money using a traditional payment method. So think of credit or debit card or bank wire, as an example. These are the most common ways to deposit, hence why call them “traditional.” But there’s also cryptocurrency. So BetUS actually has unique deals for each payment method, which we’ll cover at length over the next two sections.

We’ll start with traditional payments since those are more popular. Speaking of popular, the classic sign-up bonus also falls into this category. It’s sort of a “rite of passage” for every new bettor since it’s commonplace up and down the industry. New bettors could earn up to $3,125 dollars from BetUS welcome bonus. That’s one of the highest deals around based on the dollar value.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the deal: a new player’s first deposit is matched at a 125-percent clip up to that $3,125 amount. Money earned is split between the sportsbook and the casino. In sports, it’s a 100-percent match with a cap limit of $2500. The casino pays up to $625 on a 25-percent match. Add those two up to get the max deal both percentage- and dollar-wise.

As you can tell, that deal is more so focused on the sportsbook thanks to a dollar-for-dollar match. If you’re more of a casino player, there’s a different welcome bonus entirely honed-in on that. This casino-only bonus goes for $3,000 and a 150-percent match. Therefore, it takes a $2,000 insert of money to maximize the value of this one.

Last thing here, but a biggie: promo codes are required to redeem each of these deals. Simply enter these codes when making the deposit and the cashier and they’ll be applied. Easy enough, right? The promo code for the joint sportsbook-and-casino deal is JOIN125, while the casino-only offer is CAS150.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Crypto-Specific Deals Pay Out Even More

Cryptocurrencies are polarizing. On one hand, many bettors, wanting quick and pseudo-anonymous transactions, have embraced digital coins. Others remain hesitant because maybe they’ve been scammed or heard of someone they know being “rugged” as they say. Crypto certainly lives in both ends of those spectrums, world-changing inventions and massive Ponzi schemes.

At BetUS, the former label applies more cause it changes the game. The platform accepts numerous coins, but the big ones are Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. When you use those coins to make a deposit into BetUS, you’re eligible for even bigger rewards than the ones we covered in the prior section.

Remember that split sportsbook-casino deal that went for 125 percent? It jumps to 200 percent when using crypto. Better yet, the max reward shoots up to $5000. So sports bettors get a 150-percent match to $3750, and the other $1250 goes to the casino based on a 50-percent match. In case you’re slow with math, you’re getting $1825 more dollars off this deal than the “regular” one.

Yes, there’s also a crypto casino deal. Once again, the max payout possible is an eye-popping $5000. This one comes with a 250-percent match. So as you can tell, it literally pays to play with crypto at BetUS.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Big Bucks Don’t Stop With BetUS Referral Bonus

Believe it or not, the biggest bonus of all is the refer-a-friend deal at BetUS. Whoever you bring to the site, you’re eligible to make free play on their first three deposits. With each deposit they make, you’ll get a 100-percent match up to $2000. So in the event your friend goes big with all three deposits, this deal could fetch as much as $6000 in free play.

Obviously, that’s an astronomical figure. But you have to put it in perspective. Most competing sites offer a pretty barebones referral bonus that might go for $100 to $300. Seriously, that’s the norm. And here we have BetUS which is 20X that average. It really speaks to the different level that the site plays at when it comes to promos.

Alright, you’re caught up on the biggest and baddest bonuses BetUS has to offer this month. If you’re not sold on this site quite yet, we encourage you to read through our newest BetUS review. It covers everything — and we mean everything — the platform has to offer, beyond just swaths of free money.

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