March Madness Betting Can’t Be Topped At BetUS This Month

March Madness is the second-biggest sports betting event of the year after the Super Bowl. But here’s why betting on the NCAA Tournament might be better than the Super Bowl: there are way more betting opportunities across all 60-plus games compared to one matchup in the Super Bowl. Few betting sites are packaging up all those endless opportunities better than BetUS. Not only can you bet on those games on the popular online sportsbook, but you could even do so for free. In this article, we’re going to break down the best free-play bonuses available at BetUS this month that’ll let you gamble “on the house”!

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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March Mayhem Bracket Contest Pays Out Bigly

No surprise here, but BetUS is offering a March Madness bracket contest. This is not uncommon for the online sportsbook marketplace this time of the year, but what is less common is the amount of money BetUS is awarding on this contest — a million dollars! No, that’s not a typo either.

However, the million-dollar prize will not come easy. You must pick the contest perfectly — all 64 teams — to win that prize. We’ll stop short of saying that’s impossible to do, but it’s really, really unlikely. Heck, we’ve never heard of a bettor doing so legitimately. But that doesn’t mean you should write the bracket contest off completely, there are other ways to make money off it.

Whoever picks the most games correctly in the pick-em bracket will win $5,000 in free play from BetUS. There are also $100 to $25 free-play prizes for second through fifth place, but that’s peanuts compared to the grand prize. BetUS will have a running leaderboard that publicly tracks who’s winning too so there’s no room for “funny business” to happen.

Joining the contest is sort of free. There’s no entry price per se, but only bettors that’ve made a deposit of at least $100 during March can join. Of course, that qualifying $100 deposit can be spent on regular sportsbook bets so that’s why we use the word “sort of.”

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Free Play To Spend On Tourney Games As You Wish

We understand there are many bettors out there against bracket contests. And we get it — they’re not exactly easy to win off of. Many bettors instead prefer free play in their pocket and they can bet on individual games (once they know the matchups in advance). If you’re in this boat, then you’ll love hearing about BetUS’s huge sign-up bonuses. Honestly, huge might be an understatement too.

Get this, BetUS is giving up to $2,500 in free play for its sportsbook. A quarter of ten grand! Here’s how the deal works: new players deposit money into their BetUS account. Whatever they deposit is matched dollar per dollar up to that $2500 figure. So the money isn’t completely risk-free cause you need some “skin in the game” yourself, but it’s still a huge chunk in winnings!

Again, the BetUS deal is strictly for new players of the site. But to redeem, you’ll need a promo code too. The code is JOIN125 and it can be inserted at the cashier’s corner when depositing. After that, the money is yours and lasts 14 days. So ideally, you redeem this the day before March Madness begins (March 16) so you can stretch the value out of this.

The last thing we’ll mention is the BetUS sign-up bonus also comes with casino free play — it’s not a sportsbook-only bonus. Instead of a 100-percent match like in sports though, you’re actually only getting 25 percent in the casino. This award goes up to $625. So when combined with the sportsbook max play, you could actually reap up to $3125 dollars in free play.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

It Pays To Play With Friends At BetUS

The last deal we want to mention is BetUS’ referral bonus. Believe it or not, this deal is actually more lucrative than the sign-up bonus. You could net an eye-popping $6,000 in free play if you maximize this offer — that’s an insane amount, and perhaps the biggest in the industry.

BetUS referral bonus is so high because it gives you free play on the first three deposits your referral makes to BetUS — not just the first as is the industry norm. On each of those three deposits, you’ll earn a 100-percent bonus of up to $2,000. The money is split 50-50 between the sportsbook and the casino.

But here’s perhaps the best part about BetUS’ referral bonus: you can redeem it as many times as you want. Every new referral earns you the same bonus. There’s no cap on how many times it can be redeemed with different people. That means if you’re extremely social, you’re in line for a massive payout by just using BetUS and telling others about it.

Alright, that’s all we got for you in terms of BetUS bonuses that’ll come in handy this month during March Madness. But if you want to learn more about BetUS, then give our full BetUS review a read. It covers everything else the site has to offer beyond just huge free-play deals!


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