Bovada’s Best Promotions Pay Big Throughout June

The betting opportunities are loaded to the brim all of June between the NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup Finals, and MLB games every single day. And if you bet at Bovada — one of the leading sites in the online sportsbook marketplace — you could gamble on these sporting events completely free of cost. Stick with us in this article because we’ll be detailing exactly how to do so through lucrative promotions. Our best Bovada deals of June are listed below:

50% up to $250
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Sign Up At Bovada And Score $750 In Free Play

The easiest way to make free money at Bovada is, without a single doubt, the big-money sign-up bonus. Earning this bonus is as simple as creating a brand-new account at Bovada and then depositing money into said account. Two steps to win hundreds of dollars in free play — it’s really that simple.

Bovada actually offers two different sign-up bonuses, one that pays more and another that pays quite less. Let’s start with the best one, yeah? This deal is reserved for players who use cryptocurrency to make their first deposit into Bovada. Doing so will earn that bettor a 75-percent match up to $750 in free play. So for example, a $1000 deposit using crypto would max out that $750 free-play bonus.

Bovada supports a range of cryptocurrencies for this deal, but the two big ones are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The crypto markets have declined significantly since 2021, however, a deal like this is perfect to make use of any coins you have sitting in a wallet or exchange. Just be sure to use promo code BTCSWB750 when depositing to lock in this killer deal.

If you’re somehow still against crypto, well, Bovada has another deal for you that pays a whole lot less. Say you use a debit card to fund your account rather than crypto (Bovada accepts Mastercard and VISA), then that bettor qualifies for a 50-percent match for a max payout of $250. No promo code is needed here as it’s automatically applied.

Look, we’re not here to force anyone onto any deal, but the difference between Bovada’s “regular” sign-up bonus and crypto one is worth honing in on. The crypto one has a 3X value in terms of the max reward and a 50 percent better match too. Those are not small differences. When you consider how easy it is to use crypto, there’s really no question which offer bettors should go after.

50% up to $250
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Crypto Pays Bigger In Bovada Casino Too

Bovada is mostly known for its sportsbook because, well, it’s one of the best in the business. But let’s also not forget its stocked-up casino that’s loaded with slots, table games, and more slots (seriously, slots make up the lion’s share of games). Better yet, Bovada’s casino bonuses are even more loaded — surpassing the sportsbook deals by a ton.

We’re going to start with cryptocurrency again. You might have to do a double-check on this promotion because it reads too good to be true— but it’s the real deal. Bettors can earn a max reward of $3750 in free play from this promo. The keyword being “max” because that’s the best-case scenario.

Bovada will match a new player’s deposit into the casino using crypto at a 125-percent rate up to $1,250. So you’re looking at a minimum deposit of $1000 to max this out. But Bovada will offer this on a player’s first three deposits into the casino. So add all three together and that’s where you get the potential $3,750 reward. A sum like that could go a long — and we mean long — way in the Bovada casino.

Here again, there is a non-crypto bonus exclusively for the casino section. And honestly, this deal is pretty damn good too. It goes for $3000 in free play rather than $3750 and again, it’s for a player’s first three deposits (each individually capped at $1000 with a 100-percent match). The difference in value between the two deals is smaller in the casino than in the sportsbook.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Rewards Program Is For Bovada’s Most Consistent Bettors

Here’s one important detail we’ve neglected to mention about the prior sign-up promos: they are one-time things. Meaning the deals can’t be re-used more than once. After the free play money dries up, it’s over for that promo.

But there is something else Bovada bettors can look forward to, and this actually has lasting power. We’re talking about Bovada’s rewards program. The site will give you rewards points off every bet you make on-site, whether it’s on sports, casino, or poker. Accumulated points can be swapped for cashback so the program is literally paying you to play.

The rewards program is really geared toward players that are really about “it.” By that, we mean players that are invested in gambling not just in June, not just for the upcoming NFL season, but for years to come. The upfront money earned off this program is way smaller than the previously-mentioned deals, but it’s a different story in the long haul if a bettor stays committed. The rewards are literally endless since every bet pays money back.

You’re officially caught up with the site’s bonus offerings in June. If you want to get more details beyond just promotions, then read our latest Bovada review. It covers the site in detail from A to Z so you know what to expect when you get there.

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