Bovada Brings Out Big Promotions All July Long

Bovada is already one of the most popular online sportsbooks around. However, it isn’t letting its guard down one bit because of that. By just the look of its promotional offers available in July, Bovada is still being liberal with its free play. There are multiple deals on the table right now that pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. In this article, we’ll quickly cover our favorite such deals that could find your bets all month long. Let’s get right into it:

50% up to $250
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Welcome Bonuses Are Easiest Ways To Win Free Money

Welcome bonuses, as the name hints, are only for new players first using the site. How these work is pretty simple: simply sign up for a new account on Bovada, deposit money into said account, and boom, you have yourself free play. At Bovada, this deal can be stretched out to as much as $250 in free funds.

Whatever a new player deposits into their account is matched at a 50-percent rate. So to earn that max $250 reward, the user must insert at least $500. This goes for deposits made using a debit or credit card — not crypto (which is its own thing and we’ll cover soon).

Bovada’s classic sign-up bonus is, without question, the quickest way to earn free play. The whole registration and deposit process takes a few short minutes. You can go from reading this paragraph to winning extra money with a few clicks. Seriously, it’s that easy.

However, we should mention some of the “fine print.” There might be some bettors that think that $250 in free money could just be withdrawn and then used for non-betting activities (e.g. buying food or paying a bill). Not so fast, my friends. Betting sites like Bovada put rollover requirements to specifically prevent this. This requirement is the minimum amount that must be bet before withdrawing even becomes possible.

At Bovada, that rollover rate is 5X. So let’s say you deposit $500 from the jump and earn that max $250 free play. Your playing account will start at $750. You must bet it over five times — for a total of $3,750 worth of wagers — to clear the rollover requirement. After that point, any money in your account can freely be taken out of Bovada. Compared to competitors, a 5X rollover is relatively small.

Similarly, Bovada offers a welcome bonus for first-time casino players — and this one is way bigger and better than what’s offered in sports. This promo jumps to a 100-percent match for as much as $3000. The rollover rate also skyrockets to 25X but that’s to be expected when there’s that much free play at stake. Right now, during a lull in sports (besides MLB), is a perfect time to explore Bovada’s casino.

50% up to $250
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Brand New Premium Crypto Membership Is A Bargain

Crypto has long been supported on Bovada. Tokens that can be used for betting include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and plenty of others. However, Bovada has gone one step further by creating premium memberships for crypto players. These were just rolled out site-wide and you need to know about it.

If you have a Bovada account — it can be brand new or an existing one — you can switch it over to crypto premium. It costs $0 to do this so users aren’t on the hook or anything. Switching the account types can take upwards of two days to process. Once switched though, these premium accounts have access to exclusive features.

Chief among the features is greater rewards. You see, Bovada has a full-fledged rewards program that pays bettors back on every bet they make — whether it’s sports, casino, or the poker room. If that bet is made using crypto and under this membership account, the rewards are especially lucrative. That makes ranking up and earning cashback extra easy to pull off.

There are also crypto welcome bonuses that differ from the “regular” ones we covered before. Take the crypto-only sports sign-up offer, it goes for $750 — three times higher than the regular promo. This one also comes with a 75-percent match. All in all, it’s way more “bang for your buck” than not using crypto.

The same goes for the casino section. This crypto deal shoots up to a 125-percent match and $3,750 in free play, big improvements over the standard promotion (100-percent match for $3000). Folks, it literally pays to play with crypto on Bovada so don’t overlook all this. But just be sure to flip into a crypto membership to accrue the full amount of awards.

Bovada is really leading the industry — and not just in promotional offers. If you want to learn more about the betting site, we encourage you to read our up-to-date Bovada review. It covers the site in length so you know what to expect when betting there, besides big-money bonuses, of course.

50% up to $250
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