Florida is Missing Out on Millions for NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Betting

The unfortunate news for everyone in the Sunshine State is that there are no Florida sports betting updates that have come in from the Court of Appeals. Right now, everyone is waiting to see if some good news will be arriving or not, but things aren’t looking good. With that said, there’s plenty of frustration for sports fans who are having to travel to outside states to make their wagers. Right now, Florida is missing out on millions for NBA Finals and Stanley Cup betting.

This is a historic time of year for the state, as the Miami Heat are in the Finals, while the Florida Panthers are in the Stanley Cup Finals. Because of this, basketball and hockey supporters could not be more excited about how things have shaped out for those respective postseasons. The only thing that would make things even better, though, is if people inside of the state would be able to make legal wagers on these two title series.

Starting with the Heat, they were the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference and they’ve somehow been able to reach the Finals. They beat the Bucks in the first round, followed by taking down the New York Knicks. Then in the conference finals, they were able to upset the Boston Celtics in what proved to be a thrilling series. Their NBA betting odds have skyrocketed for the Finals, especially after winning Game 2 against Denver.

Meanwhile for the Panthers, they’re in a bit of a hope vs. the Vegas Golden Knights, but people are still checking the NHL betting odds with Game 3 of the Stanley Cup right around the corner. With all of this said, this would be an epic time for people all over Florida to be able to bet big on both of these teams fighting for championships. Instead, the state is missing out on loads of potential revenue. It’s terrible to see.

What’s the latest Florida sports betting update?

Right now, everyone continues to wonder what’s the latest Florida sports betting update? However, nothing has changed, as the appeals court continues to sit on its hands. They’re in no rush to make a decision, but the longer this holds out, the less optimism there is in the idea of things getting overturned. Plenty of experts and analysts think that Florida sports betting may be delayed until 2025.

This is quite heartbreaking to think about, but with the latest news out of Texas, this very well could be how things play out. In the Lone Star State, the Texas Senate decided to vote against the new sports betting bill that was approved through the House. Legislators in Texas haven’t been able to get on the same page, which is causing things to get delayed by at least two years. That’s rough for Texas.

However, a lot of folks are comparing Texas and Florida with one another. The worst-case scenario for Florida would be for the appeals court to side with the owners of the Magic City Casino and not bring back betting. Legal sports wagers were permitted for a brief period of time in the fall of 2021. This had folks incredibly excited, but then everything crashed down with a U.S. District Judge shutting the project down.

Moving forward, the general feeling is that 2025 could end up being the earliest we see sports betting legalized in Florida. Again, this is only going to cost the state millions when it comes to potential revenue. Not only that, but there is going to be a lot of illegal activity coming in consistently until the laws are changed. A lot of money will be transferred in an unregulated fashion. That’s another big problem for people to focus on.

No NFL betting in Florida this fall would be a nightmare

On top of everything, no NFL betting in Florida this fall would be a nightmare. While Tom Brady is no longer with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there’s a ton of buzz surrounding the Miami Dolphins. Miami has strong Super Bowl betting odds, especially after they went out and traded for star cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is set to have a big year too, but it will surely come down to his health.

For the Dolphins, they have monster expectations for the 2023 campaign. With this, fans all over Florida would love nothing more than to place legal bets on them. However, that’s not going to be the case unless something happens and the appeals court comes to its senses. As we’ve mentioned time and time again, though, there isn’t a lot of positive feedback regarding a positive outcome for Florida.

Once Week 1 of the regular season rolls around, people in Florida will be ready to bet on the Dolphins, Bucs, Eagles, Chiefs, Bills and others. However, the authorities in Florida are going to be working overtime in trying to limit the amount of illegal activity. That’s easier said than done. Dolphins fans will need to keep traveling outside of the state if they want to place legal bets, which sucks to see.

Peter Lewis

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