Wearable Tech, The New Battleground for Meta and Apple

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Let’s delve into some of the more unconventional markets available.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses launch public in 2024

The last time I can recall a smart pair of glasses getting such good reviews was the Snapchat glasses. It seems the trend continues.

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses are currently on the market and have had some good early reviews.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses launch public in 2024?BetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada

These glasses feature AI-powered voice assistance, allowing users to control their devices. The glasses also have built-in speakers, making listening to music and taking calls easy.

These glasses are not intended to replace smartphones but offer a different experience with built-in cameras, microphones, speakers, and touch-sensitive temples.

The glasses are seen as a fun accessory for social media users but may not be practical for everyone due to their limited functionality and privacy implications.

Meta has already announced plans for an AR headset, and the positive reception of Ray-Ban Stories indicates a growing market for such devices.

The continued development of smart glasses seems likely. I need clarification on the odds that are set on this prop. +480 odds indicate an implied probability of 17%.

However, as I mentioned, the product is out on the market already. Unless there are a special pair of glasses that Ray-Ban is keeping under a rock, this feels like a mistake by the oddsmakers.

I recommend betting Yes at +480 on this prop for a public launch of Ray-Ban Smart Glasses in 2024.

YesRay-Ban Smart Glasses launch public in 2024
Bet now

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To sell most in 2024 – Meta Vision Quest/Apple Vision Pro

Another interesting market we can wager on is the battle between Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta’s Vision Quest device.

To sell most in 2024BetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Apple Vision Pro-1000-1000-1000
Meta Quest 3+550+550+550

The Quest 3 offers a wide range of games and apps through the Oculus store, making it an attractive option for VR enthusiasts.

On the other hand, Apple’s Vision Pro is anticipated to offer AR (augmented reality) features, potentially focusing more on productivity and lifestyle applications.

Meta Quest 3TO Sell most in 2024
Bet now

The Vision Pro could integrate with Apple’s ecosystem, offering seamless connectivity with other Apple devices.

The Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro choice depends on the user’s preference for VR or AR experiences, gaming, and productivity needs.

Apple Vision ProTO Sell Most in 2024
Bet now

It is tough to imagine Apple not winning this one; they have insane customer loyalty. We haven’t even discussed Artificial Intelligence being implemented into these devices.

Apple, being a -1000 favorite, is tough to recommend. I am curious how much this wearable tech trend will crossover into mainstream culture.

There is an expensive price point for the device at $3499. That could be something that holds the product back.

I would not recommend betting on the Apple Vision Pro to sell more devices than the Meta Quest.

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