Bet on Bitcoin, Ethereum set to increase as Binance CEO is sentenced

I acknowledge that cryptocurrency can be a delicate matter, regardless of the individual you speak to or your stance on the subject. Nevertheless, it is feasible to venture into the cryptocurrency market and anticipate the future of it.

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Let’s delve into the cost of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

End of year Bitcoin Price

I am aware that predicting the price of Bitcoin can be a fascinating topic for some, regardless of their personal beliefs on the matter.

Bitcoin End of YearBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $39000.50-250-250-250
Under $39000.50+190+190+190

Currently, oddsmakers have set the over/under props for the price of Bitcoin at $39,000.50 by the end of the year, making it an intriguing market to consider.

This total is interesting because it’s an increase of $8600 since last month. previously set the over/under for the price of Bitcoin at $25,000.50 as recently as September. 

For the past month, the price of Bitcoin has been over the $35,500.50 mark. There has been a continued for the past two weeks.

The price of Bitcoin has increased by almost 25%, or $8600, in the past month. I estimate that below $39,000.50 is way too low for Bitcoin to drop to.

The odds of -250 on the over indicates an implied probability of 71% chance it’s over the $39,000.50 number.

I recommend betting on over $39,000.50 for -250 at Betonline.

Over $39,000.50end of year price of bitcoin
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End of year Ethereum Price

Another cryptocurrency market we can bet on is the price of Ethereum.

Ethereum End of YearBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $2100.50-200-200-200
Under $2100.50+150+150+150

Oddsmakers have set the over/under the price of Ethereum at $2100.50.

Over $2100.50 is favored for -200, similar to the price of Bitcoin.

Digging deeper into the recent history of Ethereum, it has increased by 20% and $382 in the past month.

It’s currently sitting at around $2300, which seems unlikely to dip below $2100. It hasn’t fallen that low in over four months.

I recommend betting over $2100.50 at -200 for Ethereum at Betonline.

Over $2100.50end of year price of thereum
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Binance ex-CEO prison sentence

It made sense that Binance would have to move on from Zhao after they were caught violating federal securities laws.

Changpeng "CZ" Zhao Prison SentenceBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Under 18 Months+140+140+140
Over 18 Months+220+220+220
Exactly 18 Months+400+400+400
No Prison Time+550+550+550

We can wager on the length of his prison sentence. Oddsmakers have circled 18 months as the time Zhao will be sentenced for.

The case against Binance, shows that three criminal charges were brought against the exchange, including conducting an unlicensed money-transmitting business, violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, and conspiracy.

The exchange has agreed to $4.3 billion in fines and forfeiture.

Zhao personally pleaded guilty to violating and causing a financial institution to violate the Bank Secrecy Act, according to the plea agreement.

The Department of Justice is also recommending that the court impose a $50 million fine on Zhao.

It is also the first legal issues Zhao has faced in this country so I definitely expect them to go easier on him.

The fact that Zhao has been so cooperative with the authorities makes me think that prosecutors will hand him a lighter sentence. 

I would recommend betting Under 18 months for the prison sentence time for Changpeng Zhao.

Under 18 MonthsCZ Prison Sentence Length
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