Bet on S&P 500 to decrease as Coinbase debates leaving US

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S & P 500 (Aug 31st)

The S&P 500, commonly called the Standard and Poor’s 500, serves as an index that tracks the stock market performance of 500 prominent companies listed on various stock exchanges across the United States.

This index holds a prominent status as one of the most extensively monitored equity indices.

S & P Aug 31st at closeBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $4457.50-120-120-120
Under $4457.50-120-120-120

Oddsmakers have set an over/under on the total of $4457.50 at -120 odds for both over or under that number.

As of this writing, the S&P is at $4445.23, clearly under that total. Taking a closer look at the past month, the S&P has decreased by $75.39.

These oddsmakers are overestimating the value of the S&P 500 right nowLooking at the data, I would recommend betting under $4457.50 by the end of August at -120 odds at BetOnline.

Under $4457.50S&P 500 PRICE AUG 31ST AT CLOSE
Bet now

S & P 500 (End of Year)

We can also look at what oddsmakers believe the S&P 500 will perform by the end of the year.

End of year S&P 500BetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $4487.50-120-120-120
Under $4487.50-120-120-120

Oddsmakers have provided the same odds, but the price is much higher. $4487.50 is a higher number than has been on the S&P 500 in 5 years!

Getting clarity or consensus on what the S&P 500 will do is challenging. There are tons of projections and estimates that lean either way you would like.

Earlier this year, many were speculating on the AI movement’s role in business development. While Artificial Intelligence played a significant role in driving the stock market’s strong performance earlier this year, it is waning of late.

The AI movement looks like it has a ways to go before we can depend on it. To stay ahead of the oddsmakers on this market, you will need to zig when they zag.

Contrarian plays can be very profitable. An increase feels optimistic. The number may be around that total, but I cannot recommend betting over it at -120 odds.

I recommend betting under $4487.50 instead.

Under $4487.50S&P 500 Price End of Year
Bet now

Several websites are available for you to wager with; you can even choose to use the newest form of funds transfer, cryptocurrency. We have a list of the best betting sites that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Arena changes name or Coinbase leaves the US

Numerous uncertainties shroud the trajectory of both the arena and Coinbase, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

BetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review Arena-500-500-500
Coinbase leaves US Market+300+300+300

While skeptics may harbor hopes of a downfall in the cryptocurrency sector, Betonline’s oddsmakers express unwavering confidence in Coinbase’s enduring presence.

They offer a noteworthy +300 option, signifying Coinbase’s possible exit from the US market. The +300 odds translate to a 25% implied probability, which holds promise.

Conversely, oddsmakers envision a different fate for the arena, setting a -500 price on the prospect of a name change.

In alignment with the oddsmakers’ stance, I agree. I am inclined to place a wager on the likelihood of another company acquiring the naming rights for the arena.

However, it’s worth noting that the steep -500 price may offer little value in return.

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