Crypto set to skyrocket, reaching all-time highs for Bitcoin and Ethereum

I acknowledge that cryptocurrency can be a delicate matter, regardless of the individual you speak to or your stance on the subject.

Nevertheless, it is feasible to venture into the cryptocurrency market and anticipate the future of it.

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I understand that forecasting the price of Bitcoin can be an intriguing subject for many, regardless of their stance on the topic.

Alongside Bitcoin, we’ll also delve into speculations regarding the prices of Ethereum and Dogecoin by the end of March.

Bitcoin (BTC) End of March

The first market we will explore is the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin End of March PriceBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $70000.50-130-130-130
Under $70000.50-110-110-110

Regardless of the questions surrounding the creator of Bitcoin, it is currently skyrocketing in value. Bitcoin has increased 49% and closing at just over $67,563 on March 8.

It has increased more than $22,000 in the last month alone.


Everything indicates Bitcoin will continue to increase throughout the month. I doubt it drops below $69,000, so I recommend betting over $70,000.50 at -130 odds at BetOnline.

The implied probability of -130 indicates a 56% chance of the event happening, so I will side with the oddsmakers.

Over $70,000.50Bitcoin price end of March
Bet now

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Ethereum (ETH) End of March

Sticking with the cryptocurrency market, let’s take a look at Ethereum. We will have the opportunity to wager on the future price of the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Ethereum End of MarchBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over $3950.5-130-130-130
Under $3950.5-110-110-110

Oddsmakers have set Ethereum’s over/under price at $3950.50.

Over $3950.50 is favored for -130, which indicates an implied probability of 56%.

Digging deeper into the recent history of Ethereum, it has increased by 63% and $1525 in the past month.

It’s currently at around $3945 and has increased $2300 in the last 6 months! This might be the only cryptocurrenty doing better than Bitcoin.

Ethereum is on the rise and is expected to continue to increase by the end of the month.

Oddsmakers also believe Ethereum is set to increase as they’ve offered -130 odds on the over $3950.50 total.

I recommend betting on Ethereum to continue increasing; over $3950.50 by the end of March seems like a safe bet.

Over $3950.50Ethereum end of March
Bet now

Dogecoin (BTC) End of March

Another exciting market we can wager on is Dogecoin.

We can also wager on the price of Dogecoin at the end of March. It seems to be gaining steam like Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Dogecoin End of MarchBetOnline ReviewBetUS ReviewBovada
Over 17.5 cents-130-130-130
Under 17.5 cents-110-110-110

Oddsmakers have set 17.5 cents for Dogecoin, which seems far too low. The past week has seen an increase of 8.5%.

It’s trading at 17 cents, so this one feels like another safe bet over the projected total oddsmakers have set.

There seem to be some moves happening on the crypto front. Dogecoin is also going to keep increasing. Take advantage of these moves before you miss out on the value!

I recommend betting over 17.5 cents at -130 odds. 

Over 17.5 centsDogecoin end of March
Bet now

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