Unnamed Sports Streaming App set for fall arrival

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Walt Disney’s ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery announced last month that they will launch a joint sports streaming service this fall.

This initiative presents consumers with a new way to access premium live sports content for the first time.

The upcoming platform, owned by a newly formed company with its leadership team, is yet to be named, and speculation about its pricing structure has begun.

Monthly Fee

The first market we can look at is the monthly fee for this new sports streaming app being developed.

Oddsmakers have set a price point of $35.50, with the over being juiced to -140 while the under is at +100.

This is notable because this is an increase of $7 from just last month. Oddsmakers initially dropped a total of $28.50 last month. 

Monthly feeBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under $35.5+100+100+100
Over $35.5-140-140-140

Surprisingly, the new sports streaming app doesn’t seem to be valuing NFL games.

The three companies’ sports bundles will not include NFL games on CBS or NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” or Amazon Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football” games package.

Over $35.50Monthly fee of new sports streaming service
Bet now

There is a demand for an improved streaming experience among fans and viewers.

This price of $35.50 feels way too low once you factor in the desire for live sports. One would assume that price would increase if they were to acquire additional sports league rights.

I recommend wagering on the over $35.50 option at -140 odds because all of our information points toward that choice.

The only situation where this would not exceed that total is if they fail to acquire any sporting events and leagues.

It would be tough to sell a sports streaming service with limited access to sports.

Under $35.50Monthly fee of new sports streaming service
Bet now

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Acronym Based Brand

The next market we can wager on is if the new streaming platform will be an acronym-based brand.

Acronym based brandBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review

Similar to the above situation, the oddsmakers have retained the same odds.

Last month, the “No” option was heavily favored at a price of -180, implying a probability of around 64%.

The belief is that they want to avoid confusion with key brands like ESPN, FOX, and Max. 

The streaming app has chosen its new CEO, Pete Distad.

Distad had experience at Hulu and Apple, so many assume he would be taking the elements of those successes and implementing it into this one.

Neither company had any type of abbreviation so this could be an indication that the company is leaning toward a more unique name that isn’t abbreviated.

Oddsmakers believe that it won’t be abbreviated as they have placed the -180 price on the “NO” option for an acronym.

-180 odds implies a 64% probability, so safe to say it’s more likely than not that this new streaming platform service does not have an acronym.

Lay the juice and bet the -180 option on “NO”.

NOAcronym based brand
Bet now

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