Endeavor, BUD and Tesla set for downfall

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Let’s go ahead and break down some of the popular stock prices and items we can bet on.

Endeavor (EDR)

Endeavor Share Price Sept 30th at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Over $22.5-120-120-120
Under $22.5-120-120-120

We can wager on the stock price of a prominent player in the sports, media, and entertainment industry. The current price per share stands at an over/under value of $22.50, with odds set at -120 for both the Over and Under options.

Over the past month, the stock has shown a 3% decrease, reaching approximately $22.71 as of Sept 4th.

Potential challenges loom for Endeavor; they have yet to agree with the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild.

Many are wondering what the heads of these companies are planning. Are they planning on replacing these people with AI?

It seems like the studio heads or CEOs still need to have a plan on how to move forward with negotiating with these labor unions.

Given these factors, I recommend considering the Under $22.50 option when betting on Endeavor.

Under $22.50EDR Stock Price End of September
Bet now

Anheuser-Busch (BUD)

Let’s turn our attention to the well-known beer producer, Anheuser-Busch (BUD).

BUD Share Price Sept 30th at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under 56.5 $-120-120-120
Over 56.5 $-120-120-120

Let’s examine the stock price and its performance in the past month. Despite all the enthusiasm over the mistakes that Anheuser-Busch has made as a company, the stock has decreased by .46% in the past month.

BUD is currently trading at $56.18, and the oddsmakers have set a price of $56.50. If you believe it will be under that amount, the price is -120.

-120 odds indicate an implied probability of 56%. I am very intrigued by this price. BUD has never reached $58 this past month, so I can see a scenario where the under cashes at -120 odds.

I will buck the trends and the mainstream and state that at the end of the month, BUD trades at less than $56.50.

I recommend betting on UNDER $56.50 at -120 odds at Betonline.

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Under $56.50(BUD) Stock Price End of September
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Tesla (TSLA)

Moving on, we delve into the distinctive realm of the Tesla share market.

They are betting on whether the price will surpass or fall below the designated threshold of $249.50, which offers limited value due to the intricate nature of this stock’s fluctuations.

Tesla Share Price Sept 30th at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under 249.5 $-120-120-120
Over 249.5 $-120-120-120

Tesla’s stock performance has proven remarkably unstable, declining $6.45 the preceding month. By reflecting this uncertainty, Oddsmakers appear to be cautious about making forecasts concerning its future trajectory.

In addition to its recent monthly decrease, the stock has actually increased by $2.15 within the past week.

Navigating this stock’s unpredictable nature can be challenging, typically warranting a cautious approach. However, I’m more than happy to predict the present scenario.

My inclination leans towards placing a wager on the TSLA Share Price falling below $249.50 come September 30th.

I recommend betting on Under $249.50 at -120 odds at BetOnline.

Under $249.50TLSA Stock Price End of September
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