Roaring Kitty Props and End of June Gamestop

In an unconventional twist, Betonline offers the opportunity to place bets on specific stocks, such as stock (GME) prices.

In addition to wagering on the price of stocks, we can also speculate on the behavior of financial analyst Keith Gill or Roaring Kitty, as he’s known on the web.

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Let’s dive into some popular stock prices and options available for betting.

GameStop (GME) by July 1st

The first stock we will discuss is GameStop. Gamestop and Roaring Kitty have an extensive history.

End of June GME PriceBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Over $40.5-120-120-120
Under $40.5-110-110-110

Let’s see if there are any clues on how the stock is set to perform from oddsmakers. Oddsmakers have priced it at $40.50 for the total. We know Roaring Kitty is much more bullish on this stock, holding on to it for over 5 years at this point!

Last week, the stock increased 24%, reaching $27.45 a share. Although it had risen an incredible 68% in the previous month, it only reached or exceeded the $40.50 price point for a few days.

Even though the stock has steadily increased and continues to increase, it is challenging to project it exceeding the $40.50 price point.

I recommend betting under $40.50 a share for GME at -110 odds.

Under $40.50THE PRICE OF GME BY JULY 1st
Bet now

Roaring Kitty/Keith Gill Twitter/X followers Aug 1st

Now that we’ve discussed the main meme stock that brought Keith Gill fame and popularity let’s look at some other props.

Roaring Kitty Twitter/X FollowersBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Over 1500000-120-120-120
Under 1500000-110-110-110

Keith Gill, or as he’s known, “Roaring Kitty,” gained tremendous popularity after posting his stock trading positions during the initial GameStop/Robinhood debacle in 2021.

This prop involves Keith Gill’s social media following on Twitter/X. Oddsmakers have placed a huge number of followers at 1,500,000. He currently has 1.4 million followers on the platform.

Oddsmaker has priced the over at -120, with the under at -110. This prop is pretty evenly priced; however, I would lean towards the over.

Trends typically dominate social media, and it isn’t easy to imagine Roaring Kitty’s popularity diminishing, especially as he’s causing waves in the stock market and risking being kicked off stock trading platforms like E-Trade.

It seems very likely that Roaring Kitty amasses an additional 100 thousand followers on the popular social media website X/Twitter.

I recommend betting Over 1.5 million followers at -120 odds.

Over 1.5 Million FollowersRoaring Kitty Twitter Followers by Aug. 1st
Bet now

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To happen to Roaring Kitty in 2024

On top of Twitter/X followers for Roaring Kitty, we can wager on what we think will happen to him this year. The choices are wild.

To happen to Roaring Kitty in 2024BetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
To Get Engaged+400+400+400
To Appear on Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer+500+500+500
To Endorse Joe Biden on Twitter+800+800+800
To Get Married+1200+1200+1200
To Announce Fatherhood+1400+1400+1400
To Endorse Donald Trump on Twitter+3300+3300+3300

The first prop we can examine is whether or not Roaring Kitty will get engaged this year. This prop has the best odds at +400, indicating an implied probability of around 20%.

This is interesting because Roaring Kitty/Keith Gill is currently married to Caroline Gill, who works at Goldman Sachs. I can’t imagine him suddenly changing his life and running away with another person.

I would recommend something other than this prop despite the +400 odds.

Bet now

The next prop we can explore is if Roaring Kitty would appear on Mad Money with Jim Cramer. Oddsmakers have priced this one at +500.

This one confused me because this price seems high for something that could quickly happen. +500 odds indicate an implied probability of a little over 16%.

I don’t understand that one; I can easily envision a scenario where Jim Cramer and Roaring Kitty debate the value of certain stocks or markets on television.

I would actually recommend this prop at 5-1 odds. Roaring Kitty and Jim Cramer would be must-see TV!

To appear on Mad Money with Jim CramerTO HAPPEN IN 2024 ROARING KITTY
Bet now

The final prop regarding Roaring Kitty we will explore is if he will announce fatherhood. The price for this is +1400.

These odds seem pretty high for this one. Considering they already have one child, it isn’t surprising that they could have another child.

+1400 odds indicate an implied probability of around 6%. Although both Caroline and Keith Gill are professionals in the finance world, it does seem possible for them to have another child.

I would recommend wagering on them to announce another pregnancy at +1400 odds.

To announce pregnancyTO HAPPEN IN 2024 ROARING KITTY
Bet now

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