Gerwyn Price and Nathan Aspinall Headline Our 2023 Grand Slam of Darts Group Stage Betting Picks

Get ready for a thrilling darting spectacle as the eagerly anticipated Grand Slam of Darts kicks off this weekend at the Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton. From November 11 to 19, this lively event promises dart enthusiasts an exhilarating experience.

What? 2023 Grand Slam of Darts Group Stage

Where? Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton, England

When? November 11, 2023

Grand Slam Of Darts 2023BovadaBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
Gerwyn Price+400+400+400
Michael Van Gerwen+450+450+450
Luke Humphries+650+650+650
Michael Smith+1200+1200+1200
Peter Wright+1200+1200+1200
Gary Anderson+1600+1600+1600
Dave Chisnall+2000+2000+2000
Jonny Clayton+2000+2000+2000
Nathan Aspinall+2000+2000+2000
Robert Cross+2000+2000+2000

In a unique twist, the Grand Slam of Darts stands out as the sole ranking tournament of the year employing a dynamic round-robin format. The 32 skilled participants face off, forming eight groups of four players each. Following the intense group battles, the top two contenders from each group will emerge victorious, earning the coveted ticket to the knockout stage. Brace yourselves for a darting showdown like no other.

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Grand Slam of Darts Betting Picks

Group A

  • Michael Smith
  • James Wade
  • Krysztof Ratajski
  • Nathan Girvan

In the Grand Slam of Darts Group A, reigning champion and world number one, Michael Smith, takes center stage. While the inexperienced Nathan Girvan, earning his spot by reaching the PDC Youth World Championship final in 2022, may seem like the underdog, Smith can’t afford to underestimate the competition within this group.

Smith’s path to victory isn’t straightforward, thanks to the presence of James Wade and Krzysztof Ratajski. Wade’s recent stellar performance, reaching the final at the European Championship, showcases his top-notch skills. Meanwhile, Ratajski secured a Euro Tour triumph in September, adding an extra layer of challenge to Group A.

Despite Smith’s standing as world number one, his sporadic peak form since switching darts manufacturers leaves room for surprise exits. With Wade and Ratajski as formidable adversaries, the defending champion might be in for an early and unexpected departure from the competition.

James WadeTo beat Krysztof Ratajski
Bet now
James Wade -1.5To beat Krysztof Ratajski
Bet now

Group B

  • Jonny Clayton
  • Chris Dobey
  • Josh Rock
  • Berry Van Peer

After a six-year hiatus, Berry van Peer makes a triumphant return to the Grand Slam of Darts, a tournament that etched his name into darts history back in 2017.

Drawn into a group led by Jonny Clayton, Van Peer faces a testing lineup, including Chris Dobey and Josh Rock. While Clayton may not be the strongest group leader, overcoming him in the first match is crucial for Van Peer. A strong performance in this encounter is imperative to pave the way for a shot at securing a coveted spot in the last sixteen.

We are predicting a difficult return for Van Peer and favor the group leader.

Jonny Clayton -2.5To beat Berry Van Peer
Bet now

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Group C

  • Luke Humphries
  • Dirk Van Duijvenbode
  • Gary Anderson
  • Steve Lennon

The spotlight is firmly on Dirk van Duijvenbode as he steps into the Grand Slam of Darts, and the burning question revolves around his condition at the tournament’s commencement. Battling a significant shoulder injury, his recent lackluster performance at the European Darts Championship, where he succumbed to James Wade with a mere average of 75, raises concerns about his form.

Should Van Duijvenbode’s situation not see substantial improvement, the battle for group supremacy appears to unfold between Luke Humphries and Gary Anderson. Both players have been in stellar form in recent weeks and months, making them top contenders. Even if Van Duijvenbode is in top shape, facing off against these two titans will be no easy feat.

In the supporting role within this competitive group is Steve Lennon, who, despite his skills, seems unlikely to steal the limelight from the frontrunners.

Gary Anderson -1.5To beat Dirk van Duijvenbode
Bet now
Luke Humphries -2.5To beat Steve Lennon
Bet now

Group D

  • Gerwyn Price
  • Ryan Searle
  • Gian Van Veen
  • Nathan Rafferty

Group D of the Grand Slam of Darts boasts the presence of three-time champion Gerwyn Price, solidifying his status as the headliner. Sharing the stage with him are contenders Ryan Searle, the rising star Gian van Veen, and Nathan Rafferty.

Price, a seasoned campaigner in this competition, embarks on his eighth consecutive Grand Slam journey, with only a hiccup in 2017 when he bowed out in the group stage. ‘The Iceman’ kicks off his group campaign against Rafferty, setting the stage for a thrilling series of clashes against Searle and the up-and-coming Van Veen.

In the prelude to what promises to be an intense battle, Searle and Van Veen emerge as the contenders vying for the coveted second spot in the group. Their clash in the opening group match takes on pivotal significance, potentially shaping the trajectory of the entire tournament for both players.

Gerwyn PriceTo beat Nathan Rafferty 5-2
Bet now
Gerwyn Price -1.5To beat Nathan Rafferty
Bet now

Group E

  • Peter Wright
  • Dave Chisnall
  • Stephen Bunting
  • Stowe Buntz

Group E unfolds as a battleground with three prominent contenders vying for the coveted top two spots. The question echoing through the darts arena is: What’s next for Peter Wright after his triumphant European Championship title? Surprising many with a Dortmund victory after a lackluster season, ‘Snakebite’ aims to carry his newfound momentum into the Grand Slam of Darts.

This tournament marks Wright’s final appearance before the World Championship, as his absence from the Players Championship Finals precludes any additional warm-up opportunities. With the stage set, it wouldn’t be astonishing if Wright’s Grand Slam journey is limited to just three appearances.

However, the path to victory won’t be plane sailing for the Scotsman, as strong opponents in Dave Chisnall and Stephen Bunting stand in his way. The emergence of Stowe Buntz, whose flamboyant attire mirrors Wright’s style, adds an intriguing dynamic to the mix. The American secured a spot in the Grand Slam of Darts by clinching victory in the CDC Continental Cup, making him a wildcard in the group.

Dave Chisnall -1.5To beat Stephen Bunting
Bet now

Group F

  • Danny Noppert
  • Andrew Gilding
  • Brendan Dolan
  • Haruki Muramatsu

While Group F may not boast the flashiest names, it’s essential to acknowledge the talent within, particularly with the inclusion of Danny Noppert, showcasing his prowess in earning a spot in the tournament.

Noppert’s journey took an unexpected turn when he lost his invitation-only entry due to James Wade’s European Championship final appearance. Undeterred, ‘The Freeze’ seamlessly navigated the qualifying tournament, proving his mettle and securing his well-deserved place among the Grand Slam contenders.

In Group F, Noppert faces Andrew Gilding, Brendan Dolan, and Haruki Muramatsu. On paper, Noppert seems poised to navigate this group without much trouble. The real tussle, however, appears to be the battle for the second spot, a contest likely to unfold between Gilding and Dolan.

Danny Noppert -2.5To beat Haruki Muramatsu
Bet now
Brendan DolanTo beat Andrew Gilding
Bet now

Group G

  • Michael Van Gerwen
  • Rob Cross
  • Martijn Kleermaker
  • Fallon Sherrock

Group G of the Grand Slam of Darts is set to deliver a captivating clash between Michael van Gerwen and Fallon Sherrock, marking their second television tournament encounter. The duo’s first showdown occurred in the 2021 Nordic Darts Masters final, where Sherrock, surprisingly, led 3-6 before ‘Mighty Mike’ ultimately clinched victory 11-7.

As the two cross paths again in this group, the compact best-of-9-leg format could provide Sherrock with an opportunity to test Van Gerwen’s mettle once more. The unpredictable nature of shorter formats often leads to intriguing outcomes.

Sharing the spotlight in Group G are Martijn Kleermaker and Rob Cross. Kleermaker, having previously triumphed against Cross in a major, faces ‘Voltage’ in the opening group match. The winner of this pivotal clash is poised to secure the second spot in the group, trailing behind Van Gerwen.

Michael Van GerwenTo beat Fallon Sherrock 5-1
Bet now
Robert Cross -1.5To beat Martijn Kleermaker
Bet now

Group H

  • Nathan Aspinall
  • Damon Heta
  • Ricardo Pietreczko
  • Beau Greaves

Beau Greaves, the standout performer in the PDC Women’s Series this season, faces a challenging transition to the men’s competition. While her top-level skills could pose a threat to the likes of Nathan Aspinall, Damon Heta, and Ricardo Pietreczko, the real test lies in how she handles the raucous atmosphere of a bustling venue. Despite experiencing similar conditions at Alexandra Palace and the Women’s World Matchplay in Blackpool, where she showcased commendable performances, reaching the last sixteen might require an extra gear.

Ricardo Pietreczko emerges as a revelation this season, securing a Euro Tour title and consistently impressing with impressive averages, notably at the European Darts Championship. With the unpredictable performances of Aspinall and Heta on the television stage, the dynamics of Group H remain uncertain. Aspinall, a World Matchplay champion, contrasts with Heta, who excels in Euro Tours but struggles to replicate that success in major tournaments.

Considering current form, Aspinall and Pietreczko emerge as frontrunners to progress from this group, yet the unpredictable nature of darts keeps the outcome shrouded in anticipation.

Ricardo PietreczkoTo beat Damon Heta
Bet now
Nathan Aspinall -3.5To beat Beau Greaves
Bet now

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