Crypto on the downswing, Ripple and Solana set for declines as Cardano shows promise

I understand that cryptocurrency can be a sensitive topic, regardless of who you discuss it with or your opinion. However, exploring the cryptocurrency market and speculating on its future is possible.

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Let’s examine three markets for crypto prices: Cardano, Ripple, and Solana.

There are markets set up to project crypto prices for the end of the year and the end of May. We will only be looking at the end-of-May markets.

Cardano (ADA) End of May

The first opportunity we will explore is the price of Cardano at the end of May. Let’s figure out what Cardano is and what value it may have.

End of May Cardano priceBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under 49.5 cents-130-130-130
Over 49.5 cents-110-110-110

Cardano, a cryptocurrency founded in 2015, began trading publicly in October 2017 at a few cents per coin. As of April 2024, its price is $0.47, down from a peak of $3.10 in September 2021.

It is the tenth largest cryptocurrency by total value, according to

Like many other crypto coins, it’s helpful to think of Cardano as a token that enables you to power or allows apps to do so. 

Sending money is just one aspect of what Cardano and many other crypto coins allow you to do.

Now that we have defined Cardano let’s examine its recent performance. 

It’s currently trading at .46 cents, but it has declined 8% in the past month and 5% in the past week. However, it has increased 18% or 7 cents in the past six months. 

 Oddsmakers have priced the Cardano prop at 49.5 cents. The Under option is juiced at -130, while the Over option is at -110. The prices set by the oddsmakers are similar.  

After some additional research, I would advise betting the over on this one. While the weekly decline seems to indicate Cardano is on the downturn, the six-month projection paints a different picture.

In the past six months, Cardano has been priced above the 49.5 cents market for five of them.

An upswing is on its way for Cardano, and an opportunity to earn some extra money is going to be betting over 49.5 cents at -110.

Over 49.5 CentsCardano End of May Price
Bet now

Ripple (XRP) End of May

The next market we will explore is the price of Ripple at the end of May.

End of May Ripple PriceBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under 55.5 cents-130-130-130
Over 55.5 cents-110-110-110

Similarly to Cardano, let’s discover Ripple. XRP is a cryptocurrency and the native token of the XRP Ledger, an open-source blockchain.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain aim to improve global financial transfers and facilitate the exchange of various currencies. Investors also utilize XRP to store value and capitalize on price fluctuations. 

Oddsmakers have priced this one at 55.5 cents, with similar odds to Cardano. Over 55.5 cents is -110, while the Under option is -130. Again, there doesn’t seem to be much of an advantage from the oddsmakers.

The recent performance of Ripple will provide much more helpful information for us to take advantage of. The crypto coin’s decline in the past month was 4.5%, and it has been even steeper over the past six months.

Ripple has declined 16% in the past six months and has not exceeded the 55.5 cents mark in the past six weeks.

I would bet Under 55.5 cents for the price of Ripple at the end of May at -130 odds.

Under 55.5 CentsRipple End of May Price
Bet now

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Solana (SOL) End of May

Finally, we will discuss the price of Solana.

End of May Solana PriceBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under $175.5-120-120-120
Over $175.5-110-110-110

Solana employs a unique blend of proof-of-history and delegated proof-of-stake algorithms to determine the next block in its blockchain, distinguishing it from the proof-of-work algorithm used by many early cryptocurrencies.

This combination of protocols is designed to process transactions swiftly while preserving decentralization. With block times of just 400 milliseconds and low transaction fees, Solana enables developers to create applications that are both user-friendly and widely accessible.

Tracking the history of Solana is also helpful because this one is on the upswing. It has increased by $16 in the past month. However, the fluctuations in the past week have been tricky to pin down.

There is little help from oddsmakers, as they’ve priced Over $175.5 at -110 and Under $175.5 at -120. It’s not much of an advantage to lean either way.

I would side with the oddsmakers and lean on the Under $175.5 option at -120 odds at BetOnline.

Under $175.5Solana End of May Price
Bet now

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