Bud on the rise as Endeavor and Tesla decline

Are you aware you can profit from the stock market without ever owning or trading a single share of stock?

It may sound unconventional, but on Betonline.com, you can place bets on the prices of particular stocks such as Tesla (TSLA) or even Endeavor (EDR).

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Let’s go ahead and break down some of the popular stock prices and items we can bet on.

Tesla (TSLA)

Now, let’s look at Tesla, the popular but divisive energy company led by Elon Musk. Oddsmakers have priced the stock at $237.50 over/under total.

Tesla Share Price Dec 31th at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Over $237.5-115-115-115
Under $237.5-115-115-115

The stock has increased $16 a share in the past month. According to oddsmakers, it is currently at $235.58 but is set to land around $237.50.

Tesla is a very unpredictable stock; when it seems like it will decline, it rises, and vice versa. Tesla has currently decreased $1.25 in the past five days.

Navigating the inherent unpredictability of this stock presents a challenge, requiring a careful and cautious strategy.

Despite the uncertainties, I am prepared to offer an evaluation of the current situation.

My recommendation is to place a bet on the stock declining below $237.50 by the month’s end at -115 odds.

Given the balanced pricing with both outcomes at -115, opting for the under seems favorable without a clear advantage in either direction.

Under $237.50Tesla Stock Price End of December
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Several websites are available for you to wager with; you can even choose to use the newest form of funds transfer, cryptocurrency. We have a list of the best betting sites that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Anheuser-Busch (BUD)

Let’s turn our attention to the well-known beer producer, Anheuser-Busch (BUD).

BUD Share Price Dec 31st at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under 63.5 $-160-160-160
Over 63.5 $+120+120+120

Oddsmakers have placed an over/under price of $63.50 for Anheuser-Busch stock.

With that price being set, let’s look at how the stock has performed in the last month.

The stock has increased $4.27 or 7% in the last monthBUD is currently trading at $63.15 and should fluctuate over the coming month.

The slight uptick of about .35 cents  seems possible, but I wonder why that outcome is being favored by oddsmakers.

The price placed on that is decrease is -160, indicating an implied probability of 61% of a decline.

This is one I wasn’t really certain of the reasoning for the increase being projected.

I am sure it will continue to increase, so I recommend betting Over $63.50 at +120 odds.

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Endeavor (EDR)

The last price we will take a look at is going to be Endeavor (EDR). Endeavor is a major player in the sports, media, and entertainment industry. The current price per share stands at an over/under value of $25.50.

Endeavor Share Price Dec 31st at CloseBetOnline ReviewBovadaBetUS Review
Under $25.5-150-150-150
Over $25.5+110+110+110

Oddsmakers have priced the over at +110 odds, indicating an implied probability of 47% that the stock will increase.

Over the past month, the stock has shown a decrease of over 5%, dropping a $1.27 to $20.65 a share as of October 10th.

Oddsmakers don’t think the company will be able to overcome any potential challenges it may see this year as they lean toward the stock continuing to decline.

I agree with the oddsmakers and recommend betting Under $25.50 option when targeting the Endeavor stock price at Betonline.

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